Murder and funny bugs: 7 rollers, in which the people behave like the characters in video games

How video games would look in real life? Here’s a compilation of videos in which real people behave like game characters, with their ferocity, unnatural movements and reactions. Special attention to the note on the second video.

This video from user Tejas Stranje called “GTA in real life”, drew attention to the subject of otygryvaya video game characters.

He collected 19 thousand views, and experts in the game and admired how well the Amateur actor was able to reproduce the characteristic movement of the character.

And recently, the network appeared the video from our brothers Belarusians. The inhabitants of Grenoble have published a video that was removed on motives of the popular game GTA: San Andreas. In the story of main character C. J. returns to the Center of Grodno after five years of living in the city Alsangels.

The authors are very realistic beat the mechanics of the game 2004, namely bad by today’s standards, character animation, shooting and camera. By the way, the same curve of machine translation also comes in the kit.

But the plot of the show comedian Dave Chappelle, where the presenter says so engrossed in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that his life has completely turned into a game.

This video has already become a classic and got on Youtube more than 32 million hits. It was created by Grand Theft Auto V. the Authors were able to capture every detail: movement, atmosphere, life. They even found an area in the real world corresponding to the game of reality.

But the light is not converged wedge on the GTA, here is a clip based on the game Skyrim The Elder Scrolls. Those who have played will recognize the unnatural character movement and characteristic handling objects. Artificial intelligence does not notice the chairs, though, and interacts with them. The story garnered more than 400 thousand views on Youtube.

And this is another ranking video (3 million views), this time at TES — Oblivion. This video is about the strange behavior of the characters controlled by artificial intelligence. Despite advanced technology, with them it happens sometimes.

Very recent video, but he has gained more than 800 thousand hits. This is a parody not on a specific game, but in stealth mode, in which the guard does not notice the killer, although from the point of view of common sense, it’s impossible. Seeing the death of his partner, the guard inspects everything, and then decides that he fancied.

Bugs developers look ridiculous and are not so much a hindrance to quality gameplay, how much is an inexhaustible source for jokes. And you play video games?

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