“Finest hour” Shorty guzmán: the story of the legendary drug Lord who flooded the U.S. with cocaine

“Drug trafficking is our culture that we inherited from my parents” — this phrase belongs to the famous “El Chapo” (Shorty), Joaquin Guzman, Archibaldo Loire. The man the Americans call “public enemy No. 1”, controlled a quarter of drug trafficking in the United States and involved in dozens of murders and kidnappings. Now he is on trial in new York, and millions of people around the world follow this process.

All movements of El Chapo in the US are accompanied by unprecedented security measures. Dozens of armored cars, police in bullet-proof vests, armed with machine guns, helicopters, combing the sky. This was not a superfluous precaution — Guzman shines a life sentence, and the us authorities know very well that the perpetrator will use all opportunities to avoid penalties.

Joaquin Guzman escaped from prison. A sharp mind, courage and, of course, almost unlimited financial resources, did all the shoots successful. First time head of a powerful drug cartel left the prison in a basket of dirty Laundry, just in the back of a truck through the prison gates.

The second escape was technically complex and involved dozens, if not hundreds of people. For guzmán was prepared by an underground tunnel directly into the camera, the length of a kilometer by which a prisoner left the prison on a motorcycle.

The entrance to the tunnel in the chamber of Guzman

As in the first and in the second case, to carry out the operation without the support of prison staff it would be impossible, but all that had to do with the protection of the offender, as a single shrug.

Improvised Motorina that brought El Chapo at will

This is not surprising, because El Chapo bought not only prison guards and prison Directors, and Ministers and even presidents. In addition, Guzman had a reputation among the people a kind of generous Robin hood — a cruel, but noble. This image helped him — a mixture of respect, gratitude and fear acted on ordinary Mexicans smoothly.

The inconsolable wife of Guzman (right) with daughters of drug Lord

Cunning and cautious Guzman was behind bars for the same reason — because of women. El Chapo has been married 4 times and never missed an opportunity to have an affair on the side, preferably with a girl much younger.

Kate Del Castillo, a date which proved fatal for Shorty

The latest arrest, which could be fatal for Joaquin, is also associated with the fairer sex. Having made his escape through the tunnel, which is already part of history, El Chapo immediately made a date with actress Kate Del Castillo. A celebrity not only agreed to the meeting, but brought with him Oscar-winning Sean Penn.

Postepowania celebrity PR at the expense of Joaquin Guzman

Vain Guzman recorded a 17-minute video with the stars, which boasted the network. US intelligence agencies worked extremely well, identifying the material at the location of the Short. Events developed so rapidly that El Chapo, who had excellent contacts in the US intelligence and ten times ahead of the event, not even have time to blink.

The Arrest Of Guzman

In the end, Joaquin Guzman, Archibaldo Lauer sits in the dock in a specially equipped bullet-proof capsule, and ominously looks at the main witness is Jesus Zambada, who for many years was chief accountant of the Sinaloa cartel and close friend of Guzman.

Sometimes drugs enter the United States and in this way

After the trials of El Chapo sent in a specially equipped for him jail, which for inaccessibility is able to outdo the infamous Guantanamo Bay. Of course, Guzman is sitting in solitary confinement, where barely daylight, when the clock included the light bulb, and near the door of his cell around the clock duty special forces soldiers.

Big boss is worried about something

If you believe the advocates of wholesale drug dealer, El Chapo put in intolerable, absolutely inhuman conditions, bringing their charges to cruel torments. According to them the inmate brain fog, hallucinations, convulsions and many other dangerous symptoms requiring translation of Guzman in prison hospital. Defeated the head of the Sinaloa cartel and the truth is no matter — the aged and the sick.

Hardships had aged El Chapo

But, it seems, cunning, urgent in his native Mexico, will not pass in the US, and the trial continues. In addition to the delivery of drugs in a truly industrial scale, Shorty is accused of many other crimes, including 33 proven kills. In fact, to accurately determine the number of dead fighters and assassins of the Sinaloa cartel people, most likely, will never be possible.

The car shot by the gunmen of the Sinaloa cartel

Guzman’s lawyers are well aware that “otmazat” the ward they will not succeed. Even with a perfectly built protection, they will be able to knock off the offender 10-20 years. In the case when we are talking about consecutive life terms, to say this is ridiculous. It is therefore well motivated by the money cartel’s lawyers are trying to involve in the process as many famous and influential people with whom had an affair drug dealer No. 1.

The result, a small “cabal” of the mafia clans

Line of defense El Chapo built now for that “poor guy” made a scapegoat of the powerful. Multimillion-dollar bribes from the hands of joaquín guzmán did not disdain two Mexican President and many Ministers and a large army and police officials.

Monday morning and Friday evening, the Brooklyn bridge, connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn completely overlap, crippling movement between two huge parts of the metropolis. This time the highest loading thoroughfare, and otherwise to ensure the safe transportation will not work.

Guzman transport from the airport to jail

A tuple Shorty Guzman transported from prison to court and back, overcoming of 3 km in one direction. In this time, respectable and not really US citizens and visitors of new York are patiently waiting, remembering low Mexican smiling kindly quiet word.

Shorty taking!

During his activities Gusman brought in the United States of cocaine, more than $ 14 billion. This is hardly a complete figure, but it is unable to confirm the prosecutors bringing the charges. Cocaine purchased in Colombia, the parties to 15 tons, at a price of about 3 thousand dollars per kilo and delivered dozens of different ways in the United States through Los Angeles. In the process of transporting each kilogram of potions increased in price by 7.9 thousand, but it was nothing.

Tunnel from Mexico to USA

In the heart of Los Angeles drug went retail for 20 thousand per kilogram, Chicago — 25, and reaching new York for 35 thousand dollars. The cocaine was traveling in hand baggage, under the second bottom trucks and wagons, the food, the stomachs of drug mules, and even in living fish. Also Guzman was one of the first to bring the drugs across the border via underground tunnels. Of Columbia party delivered private flights and artisanal submarines at sea.

A homemade submarine capable of carrying 2-5 tons of cocaine. Most often, the apparatus is disposable, as it pays off in multiple size

The Sinaloa cartel had excellent logistics, and each responsible officer knew his job. Right for mistake there was none — any error associated with the business, could be expiated only by death of the guilty. However, working with Guzman, wishing it was a lot — all of his assistants quickly became, though clandestine, but multimillionaires.

Drug dealers are not shy of their income and are willing to brag about them on instagram

Went to their “success” El Chapo since childhood. Born 60 years ago in a peasant family that produces opium, Joaquin began his career with the trade of candy and oranges. Go to school boy could even if I wanted — the nearest school was almost 100 km from his village.

When the boy is a little older, the father gave his assistant his brother, who was engaged in the trade of opiates and local Colombian cocaine. From uncle Shorty and went through his “universities”, which helped him to lead the most famous drug of the planet.

El Chapo young and full of energy

Today, El Chapo remains only to reminisce about old times and hope for a miracle. The us authorities are unlikely to commit cinematic trick and hide — Shorty will sit down seriously and permanently. Guzman is not allowed to even hug his wife. Emma Coroner Aispuro — former beauty Queen out of a middle-aged mobster in 18 years, together with my wife and daughter, constantly moving around the court, allowing himself to remove hundreds of cameras, and portraying an extreme degree of despair.

“Alcatraz among the rocks” — the so-called most secure U.S. prison in Colorado, where, most likely, Guzman will spend the rest of my life

Joaquin Guzman was allowed to give only one short press interview in which he said about your business the following:

“If drugs are not bought — they had not been sold. The demand is growing every day and the turnovers too.”

Unfortunately, El Chapo’s right, and while he will remember the best moments of his busy life in a concrete box of solitary confinement, drugs, the river will continue to flood American cities. “Shorty” will always be, as there is a demand for this poison.

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