13 tattoos that hide the secrets of their owners

Tattoos are not only a way to Express yourself and decorate your body. Some use tattoos to cover them beneath the scars, both physical and mental. Several members of the site BuzzFeed have shared their stories, which are unlikely to leave you indifferent.

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“In my senior year of high school, I fell while performing gymnastic exercises on a trampoline and broke his left arm. After eight months of surgeries… the hand is not only not worked, I was sick, but looked like a stranger. Surgery to remove dead muscle and scar disfigured my wrist, and scars on the hand and wrist looked ugly. This tattoo is my first and it was my gift to myself on my 18th birthday as a sign of recovery of my body after irreparable damage to turn my scars into something pretty. I didn’t want to completely cover surgical scars because they are part of me, but I wanted to transform them into something I can be proud of. This bird is the Eastern sialia”.

“In high school I lost a bet and allowed to cauterize his hand with a metal end of the lighter. It left a noticeable scar, so I started to fill the half sleeves to mask it.”

“I got this tattoo to cover a scar that I put abusive boyfriend. He broke my arm, and I put metal plate. I kept going back to it many times. This scar reminds me of how weak I was, and I wanted in its place was something beautiful. My cousin, with whom we have very close relationship, a couple of months ago has committed suicide, and I wanted to leave a memory of him. He called me a unicorn.”

“Instead of hiding the scar, I decided to show him. In July of last year, I underwent surgery for reconstruction of the spine for scoliosis correction, during which I was implanted two titanium rods on either side of the spine and combined two-thirds of the vertebrae into one big bone. After all this I was left with a noticeable scar with a length of two and a half feet in the middle of the back. Next to the scar I have a tattoo with the word Strength (“Power”). The letter S repeats the original shape of my spine with x-ray before surgery. It took a lot of effort to recover after a complicated procedure, and I want me to have a constant reminder of that.”

“22 Aug 2013 I had my lumpectomy of the right ovary. Three months later I got that tattoo, but not to close to your scar, and to accentuate it. Fortunately, the tumor was benign. Blue-green ribbon (symbol of ovarian cancer) serves as a reminder of how lucky I was. My experience has made me stronger and turned into the person I am now.”

“I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 21, but the diagnosis have put only in the fourth stage with a fan other complications, which I went three weeks put in the hospital. Anyway, I beat cancer, but left me with many scars, and one on the hand, was most noticeable. I started painting again about a week later after recovering from cancer, and it was the first thing I drew. After about two years I was preparing to fill a full sleeve and close the scars which appeared in the few months of suffering, something that would make me feel, and it was a great option.”

“First, I must say that my actual spine was never like this and never will. When I was 15, I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis — a 65-degree curvature of the spine in the shape of the letter S. It was impossible to fix a plate and was told I need surgery, so I can live to adulthood. The surgery was incredibly difficult and meant the straightening of the spine and the implantation of two titanium pins on the sides that was attached to 15 screw, screwed directly into the vertebrae. This tattoo is from a medical textbook, and it covers 17 inch of my back over the scar that was barely visible. It is a symbol of my recovery and strength. My spine has never looked and never will. It’s just a spine, which was supposed to be mine.”

“This tattoo covers baby scar from dog bite”.

“When I was 10, I fell off my motorbike and broke his hip. I put the external fixator to connect until it fused. He left four scars on my leg. In most people they disappear, but I do not heal, and so far the scars look fresh, so I decided to decorate them. The scars themselves have not kept their color, but I’m pleased with how it came out. This is a picture of the scars on the top of the legs near the hips. Scars near the knee more scattered around each — the same heart”.

“I got this tattoo while working as a medic, as well as to hide ugly scars from burns lighter”.

“I was given a bone marrow transplant at the age of nine. Ever since, the scar has almost disappeared, but it always bothered me. My grandfather died when I was 14, and I made an anchor in his memory and to remind myself to remain down to earth”.

“It is an anchor in honor of my late grandfather, who served as a lifeguard on the beach. It covers a large ugly scar from the injury that I received in 16 years.”

“I had my bone tumor of the knee, when I was 10 years old. This ribbon like zachorowania me.”

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