Unknown photos of Bruce Lee from the family archive

Today, November 27 in honor of the birthday of Bruce Lee published photos from his family archive.

What man in childhood parodied honed and quick movements of martial arts master Bruce Lee. Thanks to him have become popular movies about martial arts, because of iconic American and Hong Kong actor interested in the whole world different types of Chinese martial arts.

We used to see always focused Bruce Lee, sweaty and blood, winning the next villain thanks to his incredible technique and lightning-fast punches, always hits the target. Perhaps that is why these photos seem so unusual. Them the famous actor appears as a caring father and loving husband, always smiling and happy with his wife and two children.

Bruce Lee, whose baby name was Li Xiaolong (“little dragon”), with wife Linda, son Brandon and daughter Shannon.

Bruce Lee taught his young son of kung-fu special developed system in Jeet Kune do.

Brandon Lee subsequently became a master of martial arts.

With his future wife Linda Avery, the actor met at the University of Washington when she was 17 years old. By the way, Linda also studied kung fu from Bruce Lee.

For some time Bruce Lee and his family lived in Hong Kong. His daughter Shannon has also studied several types of martial arts.

Bruce Lee was a man of incredible physical capabilities. He was able to hold the outstretched hand, the weight of mass 34 kilograms in a few seconds.

Before becoming a master of martial arts, Bruce Lee at the age of 14 taking lessons cha-cha-cha and becomes a champion of dance in Hong Kong. His first teacher in kung fu, he proposed the exchange of knowledge, the teacher will teach him martial arts, and Bruce will teach to dance the cha-cha-cha.

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