How to become a connoisseur without leaving the couch

Be honest: at least once in your life you confuse Manet and Monet, Brueghel could not distinguish from Bosch, and the authorship of paintings with expressive naked bodies and could not identify, only vaguely suspecting that it was someone from the Italians.

Well, the time has come once and for all with a sense of unease and learn to distinguish at least the classics from each other. We offer you fun clues that will help you remember how not to confuse the artists. Inveterate critics, connoisseurs, please do not roll your eyes and treat this material easily.

If the picture that all people have a serious distortion of the bodies, it’s probably Pablo Picasso.

If now downright huge ass, that’s for sure Rubens.

If what you see in the picture, could have dreamt it addict on acid, then it is Salvador Dali.

If everyone, including women, like Putin, is a Jan van Eyck.

If the men in the paintings like ox-eyed curly-haired beauties, it’s Caravaggio.

If the painting has a dark background, and the characters written on the face of intolerable suffering in front of you is Titian.

If the movie has a lot of little men, but otherwise everything seems in order — it’s Bruegel.

If the movie has a lot of little men, but apart from this, a lot of strange things happening like it is a Bosch.

If the characters in the paintings are like homeless people, which lights a dim lantern, it was a Rembrandt.

If the picture is somewhat plump angels or a couple of sheep, surely this Bush.

If the characters in the movie are beautiful, naked and drugged, most likely, it is Michelangelo.

If you see a ballerina, it’s Degas.

If all is very contrast and sharp, with a blue tint and the characters are the elongated, bearded face, it’s El Greco.

If the picture is a woman-the unibrow is Frida Kahlo.

Contrasting background and no people — Monet.

Colorful background and fun party by Renoir.

The contrasting background and the sad get-together Mans.

The scenery from Lord of the rings with a bluish fog and still the same curly-haired Madonna with aristocratic profile is Leonardo da Vinci.

If it’s painted squares of ekselevskoy signs, it’s Mondrian.

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