How to cheat the producers: 15+ examples of marketing gimmicks

Various promotions, sales, “buy two for the price of one” and other “pleasantness” from supermarkets was not invented for the sake of the buyer, and to increase sales.

The same can be said about the labels on the products. When you see the words “100% natural ingredients”, there is the idea that it is a quality product. And the few who are smart enough to clarify: ALL the ingredients are 100% natural, or only these two, and the rest — a solid chemistry?

Most interesting is that the manufacturer, in fact, no one is cheating — you are cheating people who did not read labels. 15 such examples in our article. You will be surprised to find out that they themselves often fall in the “marketing network”.

Below are the words Pikabu, who shared his observations:

Very often, from all sides, writing: “Here the producers are bastards, the bastards lied…” do Not argue, there are indeed cases of cheating, but most people deceived himself, and he try to make a complaint, he quickly point out that nothing is like him and not promised, and what he thought — his own business.

We will not unfounded, let us turn to the examples:

Read the consumer: the Product is made from 100% natural ingredients. (Take it!!!).

That meant the manufacturer: Product contains 100% natural ingredients. (For example, in the composition of the table vinegar set — 100% natural ingredient, what’s wrong?).

Here’s another “useful” information:

Here all is alleged that before we got ketchup, 100% ketchup. And Yes, unnatural spices yet, there are supplements and spices is a spices, they are just natural, about the rest of the talking.

And Yes, to keep back, this is still the subject, but it is a little more about 100%.

Totally agree, 100% juice definitely tastes better. About the composition, again, you are thinking, no I did not say anything.

100% MEAT!!! Wow!!! The farm’s own… Judging by the composition of the meat throughout the sausage two tails and a piece of sandpaper, but they are 100% from our own farm, I swear. And what do you think?

Direct “Captain obvious”. Yes, someone can argue that a 100% natural product can only be made from fresh milk. Don’t you agree?

Asked why the composition of the flavouring “Peach”? Thickeners are there any…. But what about yogurt 100%, huh? 100% female with peach!!! There, somewhere in the beginning of the part written, so there! So go, go, go away, all properly written.

And here’s do nothing more written. “Gentle” and “Tender”. What is a yogurt — we never wrote, that you yourself invented.

The soft Rustic… oil? But, no! Spread vegetable fat Village soft. Russian language? Rules? Not-e-e, don’t know. We were so comfortable.

“Peasant,” “Rustic,” “Il cream”: what first comes to mind? Of course, oil. But still well worth and Premium written. And packing one in one, and is on the shelf next to the butter. And all this spreads. And the rules of the Russian language in this case, manufacturers more profitable to care. And GOST 52100 2003 — spreads and melted blends. -Who knows about it?

Here is the cheese and not cheese.

Not quite yogurt.

“Sour cream”, “Smetanova”, “Home” and no cheating, as, however, and the relationship to sour cream.

Another way — folk or “slang” name of the product:

How beautiful and familiar? The hand she reaches to take it. And all this — the meat and cereal products and the relationship to beef or pork stews are very distantly. Real canned meat “stew Beef” or “Pork stew” and nothing else.

But and condensed milk, sgushenka… Yummy!!!

That’s only correct is called condensed milk full cream condensed milk with sugar. In the composition of milk and sugar. And before you Canned milk, and GOST 31703 2012 on them. And medals and not medals, and promotional information.

With Varekai the same situation.

So look carefully at the label, study the product and do not give reason to deceive ourselves. And if you are buying these products, you know exactly what to buy.

And here are some gems shared by other users of Pikabu:

The spread is called “Maspa”. When the nickname “butter” was busy…

It is strange that not a yellow font on a yellow background.

Read the title and then the…

I think we’ve already seen somewhere.

Confess, and you came across one of these above?

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