China: the art crowd

Military parades, attempts to set a world record or the mass — all this can look very impressive. Well, or scary. But no country, perhaps, does not compare to the workmanship of China in terms of the art crowd. Only in China you’ll see many colours, symmetry and fascinating shapes, is built of human bodies.

1. The artists at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008. (Christophe Simon)

2. The parade of pilots on the outskirts of Beijing. (Joe Chan / Reuters)

3. The parents of the students sleeping in the gym of the University of Wuhan. (Reuters)

4. The world Wushu championship 2008 in Hubei province. (Reuters)

5. Military. (Itsuo Inouye / AP)

6. Charging at one of the schools of Shanghai. (Nir Elias / Reuters)

7. Dancers perform the dance of the Thousand arms of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. (Reuters)

8. Chinese pilots in Beijing. (Ng Han Guan / AP)

9. Members of the club of martial arts create a vibrant figure. (Reuters)

10. Police in Shanxi province. (Reuters)

11. Competitions in martial arts in high school of Nanjing. (Sean Yong / Reuters)

12. The artists at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008. (Pedro Ugarte)

13. Chinese sailors on parade in Beijing. (Joe Chan / Reuters)

14. Group yoga classes for pregnant women. As usual, the Chinese have tried to set a world record. (Reuters / China Daily)

15. Exams in high school in Shanxi province. (Reuters)

16. The honor guard prepares to meet Afghan President in Beijing in 2013. (Ed Jones / AFP / Getty Images)

17. The parade in Beijing. (Goh Chai Hin / AFP / Getty Images)

18. Chinese New year, which in 2010 coincided with Valentine’s Day. (Reuters / China Daily)

19. The celebration of the 65th anniversary of the founding of people’s Republic of China in 2014. (Reuters)

20. The opening ceremony of the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008. (Julie Jacobson / AP)

21. Police near the stadium during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. (Charlie Riedel / AP)

22. Open championship in water sports in Shanghai in 2011. (Issei Kato / Reuters)

23. Students doing tai Chi in Nanjing. (Jeff Xu / Reuters)

24. Tai Chi translates as “fist of the great limit”. This martial art without weapons. (Jason Lee / Reuters)

25. Chinese military parade 2014… (ChinaFotoPress)

26. …and sailors. (Feng Li)

27. 3110 Chinese students tried to set a world record by creating the largest smiley face. The previous record belonged to the Canadians — 2961. (Sean Yong / Reuters)

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