Six laps Kuzi, or Easy to be God?

In July 2018, an event occurred that drew the attention of a few. A Moscow court has sentenced a colorful, bearded “God Kuzya” and sent the young “old man” to the colony for 5 years. In 2015, the detention extravagant Russian guru of the sect caused a lot of noise, but today about Andrei Popov, and so in the world call “God,” almost forgot. It became known the investigation on the activities of the false Messiah and the life of its adherents after the high-profile case?

Most likely in the spring of 2019 Andrei Popov, is now serving a 5-year term in prison, will be released. His case was so extraordinary that took investigators almost four years that “God Kuzya” included in the release. Popov was detained in September 2015, along with several helpers, all of a sudden and, as it turned out, very successfully.

In the room where is “God”, were 43 million Russian rubles, more than 100 thousand dollars, and entire tomes of books in which the old-fashioned, handwritten way, recorded all cash flows of the sect.

The Birth Of God

The year of Foundation of the sect “God Kuzi” is considered to be 2007. In the indictment of this strange community was described very accurately — “non-profit organization encroaching on the personality and rights of citizens under the pretext of implementation of religious activities.” Although the definition of “non-profit” law enforcement clearly overreacted — enrichment was the main passion of Popov and his accomplices.

The sect was an organization with a clear hierarchy with a single leader and spiritual mentor, led by Andrei Popov. This homely full the man with bad eyes and unkempt beard was attributed to the possession of “divine knowledge and light power”.

In their free time duties “God Kuzya” wrote that such esoteric paintings

The three closest companions of the unusual deity was female: Jeanne Frolushkina, Nadezhda Romanova Galina Markevich. Under the protection of Popov them feel confident and secure by removing duped people of millions of rubles, real estate and various values, up to the usual jewelry.

Early in his career he was also slimmer and more alive

However, neither the Hugo nor the fraudsters, did not recognize themselves as criminals according to them, all the funds were collected solely on a voluntary basis for the organization of services, the acquisition of religious paraphernalia and literature, and the construction of the temple. Unfortunately, the result was proved only 7 million rubles, received by a criminal way, and this despite the fact that bills from the abode of “God” the agents took out boxes.

Revelation Kuzi in print were sold like hot cakes

The Life Of “God Kuzi”

What is known about the Kuze Andrei Popov, who calls himself neither much is not enough God? This person can be called a genius in public relations — the ability to apply himself he can not refuse. As a disabled person with very poor vision (his followers Kuzma said that the totally blind) and not having an attractive appearance, Popov managed to gain the confidence of the most skeptical people.

God with one of God’s creatures

The priests at the first meeting with the man “pushing intelligence”, amazing erudition and personal contributions. Hugo could spend hours lie inspiration on his many educations, including religious and medical, membership in the Union of Writers, about the acquaintance with public men and much more. It turned out that Andrew good, and soon he went from General discussions to the case, that is the financial part.

This is just a small part Kusinich stocks

Andrew Kuzma and actually is visually impaired since childhood, but all around he was convinced that he was born blind and sees only through divine will. By the way, the operatives noticed that the “great blind man” the strange, almost inexplicably responds to banknotes, unmistakably, almost back defining their presence in the room.

Another weakness Kuzi are women. Andrew, never popular among the weaker sex, had almost unlimited power over their subjects. Almost all the women from the environment Popova, has a less attractive appearance, forced them to cohabit. Recalcitrant and doubting lustful deity imposes a harsh penance — the Hugo or his men regularly beat recalcitrant rubber slipper or the cane, until they were lost to the harassment.

Kuzya with one of the wives

In General, about the personal life of Popov should tell apart. Saying all about his Orthodoxy, “God Kuzya” had 4 wives and dozens of concubines. Many willingly went to the harem of Andrew, as the latter actively spread rumors about the healing properties of his sperm and the special blessings that are transmitted during intercourse. Women bored him Kuzya just drove, not thinking about any moral aspects.

In addition to money and women were at Kuzi another, more extravagant passion for exotic animals. During a search of the premises occupied by the sect, was discovered a whole menagerie, which contained crocodile, lizard, Armadillo, iguana, and even an echidna. Experts estimated the cost of Pets Popova 2 million rubles, but the owner of a mini zoo insisted that he had received the animals as a gift for Christmas 2014. We must pay tribute to Hugo — all the animals were kept in ideal conditions and were fed and maintained.

Popov still loves dogs

To his followers, “God Kuzya” were treated worse than iguanas and crocodiles. The whole environment of the head of the sect was divided into 6 circles that define a kind of hierarchy within the sect. In the first round were the so-called Popov’s wife. In the second round was his assistant, a kind of “asset” of the sect. In the third round were so-called “works”, which consisted of ordinary members of the community.

Helper God of the second round

In the fourth round of the priests included the “subbotniks”, cultists who work at Orthodox fairs, collecting donations and involving a sect of new adherents. In the fifth round were potential members of the sect, who would accept “God Kuzya”, but did not do so because he does not know about it. The sixth circle is people who are not going to join the sect, although I know about her and her Chapter. Their priests were also called “demons”.

All the questions of the sect was decided at the General meetings, which the priests were called “otters”. At such gatherings the members of the sect were asked a variety of questions about the intimate, spiritual life, professional activity and, of course, about the financial situation. Also on the “otter” Kuzma deciding the fate gave instructions about divorce and explained why certain relatives and acquaintances of the community members are “demons”.

At the end of “otters” sectarians could be sentenced to corporal punishment, which Hugo loved spending his own. Some witnesses in the case of Popov told that they were beaten in a specially made whip, causing from 100 to 1200 strokes. The role of the punitive sword, often running leather belts, the rod and rubber sneakers, already mentioned as a weapon of sex education.

That God sent: the financial Affairs of the sect

In the process of investigation from Kuzi and his assistants in two doses seized a total of 240 million rubles and 150 thousand dollars. Money evolved in cardboard boxes as waste and, after sealing with tape, just pushed in the corner. Popov was able to earn financial streams or entire streams have fallen into his boxes from a variety of sources.

In addition to “depressed” the sectarians of money, Kuzma-Popov managed to make even the Orthodox Church. Using the gift of belief, the scammer had infiltrated the Church and has received official permission to participate in public events, including exhibitions. The community, which has blessed greedy for money God, wielded throughout Russia, begging, spending a paid prayer services and distributing booklets, such as ways of dealing with cancer, through prayer.

The “roof” messengers Popov served as provincial temples, which acted sects. The mechanism was extremely simple and safe — in the village Church the priest took an official paper stating that the donations collected at his temple. After that, the community safely operated on any religious events. In the end, issued the paper the priest was getting 5-6 thousand a trifle, and a box of “God Kuzi” was enlarged to 1.5-2 million every week.

To all the above, it remains to add that the greedy and cunning deity will soon be on the outside and it is doubtful that his life will change. As shown by numerous examples, founders of sects after the liberation, most of all, back to your old ways, albeit more cautiously.

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