Gorgeous pictures of fall of the Crimea with a drone

Says blogger Sergey Anashkevich: “to make these pictures, I have flown almost 200 kilometres in five days and twice almost lost the drone. At first it just blew a strong wind in the woods, and I barely found the Quad after the emergency landing on the path between the trees. The second time the storm wind gusts persistently carried on Mavic Karadag, but this time with difficulty, 30-50 meters per minute, he still managed to reach the point of take-off and land on the remains of the battery. But along the way I took pictures and shot some video panoramas with perspective, with whom I’d never seen these places.”

Vineyards near Koktebel.

The famous gates to the country Koktebel. A long time ago, until then folks, I’ve been dreaming about this view: on the arch and on top of Karadag. Now your dream is realizable.

Overlooking a Quiet Bay with Cape Chameleon. However, in this day of quiet it could not be called. I picked up the drone as the wind just carried it toward the coast. I came here with a desire to fly around the beautiful Chameleon for the video. But not this time: the drone grooved so that he was almost upright, resisting the gusts of wind.

The view on Karadag from the foothills of Echki-Dag. It’s here I impulse the drone took to the woods, and I was not able to bring it back to its takeoff point and had to put as it will between the trees. Where, exactly, will be shown at the end of the post.

And again vineyards near Koktebel.

Lake Barakol, vineyards and mountain Uzun-Syrt, she Klementyev.

Lake Barakol from a height of 500 meters.

Mount Lehener, cave Syuryu-Kai and a bit of Karadag.

And this is my favorite Karadag. Take-off point with which I flew in the direction of the peaks, planning to cross to the other side, to go around the rock John Robber and along the sea to return to the Dolphinarium, which raised the drone. But the wind decided otherwise and just carried the drone to the side peaks. And suffered so much that I have no point of return there will be. The next 15 minutes I struggled with the wind, bringing the drone back. For 15 minutes he flew about 600 meters, fully planted battery.

Overlooking the Resort, Echki-Dag and the Fox Bay.

The vineyards Iwanski valley.

Valley-the sun!

Iwanska valley and ridge Taraktash.

Under the snow — plateau Karabi.

Church-lighthouse in Malorechenskoye.

She is on the background of Ayu-Dag.

Another one of my old dream — the Valley of Ghosts with a quadcopter. However, with autumn here, I was late, so the Gestalt is not closed.

Even The Valley Of Ghosts.

Lifting on a plateau Ah-Petri from Yalta.

The Jags Of AI-Petri. How many sunrises I took… won’t Even count.

One of the four “fingers” of the mountain Mangup — Teshkli-breaker with the famous Drum cave-Koba.

The fall of Mangup.

The Drum cave-Koba side.

Mountain massif Chatyr-Dag and Izobilnensky reservoir over Alushta.

The Massandra vineyards in Alushta.

And it is also Massandra.

Beautiful sea and ugly concrete beach in Simeiz.

A house in the village.

The foros Church.

Road from Sevastopol to Yalta. Baidar valley on the left, to the right Cape Aya.

Same place, but the view in the opposite direction, toward the Pottery.

The geometry of the Crimean autumn.

And this is the forest where I took the drone. That’s right this beauty and had to plant between the trees.

Well, for starters — my video about the Crimean autumn.

In five days I drove from Sevastopol to Koktebel, catching and epic sky over the Karadag and Melanoma and this Golden autumn, colorful and stunning vineyards in Sun valley, still untouched by autumn, the slopes of the valley of Sotera, and almost winter the Valley of Ghosts, the first dusting of snow. Then there was the snowy streamer on the AI-Petri, emerges from the clouds quadcopter over Taraktash trail, deer and autumn crocuses, incredible multi-colored road along the Baydarskaya valley and sunset beach, one side of which is late November without a single sheet, and on the other a diversity of early October.

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