ZAZ “Sport 900”: Soviet Porsche will forever remain a concept

In the 60-ies of the Soviet engineers almost turned humpbacked “Zaporozhets” in sports car in the image and likeness of the Porsche 356 — predecessor to the legendary Porsche 911. On the basis of ZAZ-965 specialists of the Institute WE have developed the concept of an elegant coupe, dubbed the “Sports-900”.

The first specimen collected in 1963. On the chassis of the ZAZ-965A was installed streamlined fiberglass body height of 1170 mm. The design is clearly visible features of the classic rear-engined coupe.

Porsche 356

The “Sport-900” was landing formula 2+2, that is, the developers even managed to keep the rear seat. Looks cool slanted center console, familiar to many modern sports car.

Use of fiberglass body panels allowed to decrease the car weight up to 500 kilograms. So even with a standard 27-HP engine and 4-speed gearbox to “Sport-900” relatively easily dispersed to a hundred.

The creators hoped to get permission for mass production in Zaporozhye, but the authorities have not given the green light, and then several prototypes, the business didn’t come.

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