And you can see the animals in the photos?

Looking at photos of predators in “natural camouflage”, which makes Art wolf (Art Wolfe), the question arises as to the author manages to see them?

An amazing project called “Disappearing action” (Vanishing Act) gives the viewer a feeling of absolute absence of the person in the process of creating photos, as the author is very realistic transfers masking capabilities provided by wild animals and birds by nature.

1. How many seconds or minutes did it take you to see the animal in the photo?

2. And now? It’s beautiful – a real idyllic world of plants and birds!

3. Art says: “a Collection of photographs requires a lot of time, I’m still adding work to this project.”

4. By the way, the author began work on their masterpieces in 1989, and showed the finished photo series only in 2005, i.e. 16 years later!


6. Art says that the main purpose of his work – support and development of the idea of the perfect beauty of planet Earth.


8. It’s very simple, and very beautiful!


10. Amazing! But, perhaps anyone can see this while walking in the wild forest.


12. It seems that the birds were particularly lucky with the natural camouflage!




16. Well, managed to solve all the photos of the mysteries of nature?

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