The recipe for a successful wedding: the bearded bride snuck the groom

In USA best man at the wedding dressed in a white dress to cheer those present at the ceremony guests. How to react to this future husband and how to react to what is happening the bride, read our material.

David was supposed to see his bride in her wedding dress, but a best friend Timmy decided to play a trick on him

In the USA there is a tradition of “first sight” — when the groom first sees his bride in her wedding dress. Usually the man turn back, and mistress comes up behind me and lightly touches his shoulder. Then the groom turns and there is a long-awaited and very moving meeting. The wedding of David Hoffmann and Brianna Dennis was not without this ritual, but he moved a little more fun than usual.

David was excited and even a little nervous before the first meeting with his bride, but when he turned around, he waited not brianna. Behind his back the whole time stood his friend Timmy Horton. Timmy squeezed in a wedding dress and even put on a veil. David could not hold back hysterical laughter when I saw this outfit my friend. The joke was a success, and the photographer managed to capture these priceless moments.

David didn’t expect to see Timmy and couldn’t hold back the laughter, when turned to the “bride”

Guests could hardly contain his laughter when Timmy was standing behind the groom. And then they are friends for a long time could not calm down. This draw will be remembered for a long time, especially the groom.

The joke was, but then the bride came to the groom and they walked down the aisle

The second time David felt very differently and was very happy to see his beloved

The wedding was great and the raffle was a fun memory

Best friend of the groom wanted to do at the wedding of some elaborate hoax, but the bride to the last it was forbidden. She didn’t want any surprises in such an important day, but then surrendered and was allowed to make fun of the groom. And not a bit not regret about it, because we all liked the fake bride, and the memory remained cool photos and a very emotional video.

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