“Will do!” 20 crazy Christmas parties, which were due to laziness-mother

Nearing the holidays, it’s time to decorate your home. And the “heart” of the New year is, of course, the Christmas tree, the key to creating a cozy winter mood. But there are people who, because of natural laziness to make decorating simple and brilliant. These guys will not stop neither lack of time nor lack of decorations or even the lack of trees… They can create a festive mood of any discarded junk in a matter of minutes.

Here are 20 beautiful examples of “lazy trees” from scrap vehicles. And in the end issue you will find a universal recipe for creating a Christmas mood.

Sources: Bored Panda and BuzzFeed

Than man is lazy, the higher the tree…

All ingenious is simple. (This is probably the most common variant of “lazy trees” for the New year.)

No one wanted to unpack the artificial tree, and she was just lying in a box in the office until a week before the holiday the employee has not saved the situation.

New year in the tropical country.

So the tree seals just will not drop.

Anatomical the New year at the doctors.

The size is not important, the important thing is that at least some tree there.

Tree severe man.

Minimalism and sustainability.

Why not just decorate the cat?

Actually, why the New year is usually diskriminerad other plants?

The tree will not have to dress up, if you did it a year ago.

The idea for the most lazy. Cheap and cheerful. But you can smell the aroma of the New year…

“Tree” improvised in the hospital.

When to create a Christmas mood is all in addition to the Christmas tree.

Traffic cone also wants to be smart in this New year.

And so will descend!

For the true photo enthusiasts.

Why not? Everyone deserves a festive atmosphere!

And to create it very simple: take any object, wrap it with garlands. Ready!

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