How to marry: 129 tips from the 1950s that women are still

Every girl sooner or later begins to dream about how to wear a white dress, a bouffant veil and go down the aisle with the man throughout his life. But, unfortunately, not everyone is able to build a family, and the reason are a number of factors.

Decades ladies are desperate in trying to find a soul mate, ask for advice from their married friends. In 1958 the magazine “McCall’s” combined them into one capacious article, which at one time enjoyed great popularity. Surprisingly, 60 years later about it and forgot!

Presenting your attention the 129 councils that, quite possibly, were used by our mothers and grandmothers, charming grooms. Some of them may seem strange, but there are those that would do well to heed today.

1. Get a dog and walk it.

2. Make your car “broke down” in the right places.

3. Attend an evening school courses which are like men.

4. Join a travel club.

5. Review the reports of the census to find out where he lives most single men. For example, in Nevada for every 100 women have 125 men.

6. Read obituaries to find a suitable widower.

7. Start to play Golf, and attend different courses on it.

8. Instead of a big vacation in one place, take a few short vacations and go to different places.

9. Sit on a Park bench and feed the pigeons.

10. Embark on a journey through Europe by bike.

11. Arrange to work in the medical, dental or law school.

12. Become a nurse or a flight attendant — they have a very high percentage of marriage.

13. Ask the husbands of your friends do they have in the office free men.

14. Be nice to everyone — they can be a suitable brother or son.

15. Get a government job abroad.

16. Become a member of the jury.

17. Be friendly to ugly men, because judged not by face but by deeds.

18. Tell your friends that interested in marriage. Don’t keep it a secret.

19. Stay for the football.

20. Don’t settle for a job, where most of the bosses were women.

21. Arrange to work in a sports shop, where you will spend the presentation of the bait.

22. On the plane, train or bus do not sit next to women sit with the men.

23. Go to all the reunions. Maybe there are widowers.

24. Don’t be afraid to communicate with more attractive girls, they may have some “remnants of men”.

25. Paid a visit to his hometown — may be a weird guy who lived next door, turned into an enviable bachelor.

26. Don’t live with sad women, to not let them lower you to their level.

27. Sit in the Convention Bureau part-time.

28. From time to time change the apartment.

29. When traveling, stay in small hotels, where it is easier to meet strangers.

30. Learn how to draw. Set up an easel on the street in front of the engineering school.

31. Do small hiccup when you enter the room in which it is located.

32. Forget about judgment and sometimes call him.

33. Wear box hats.

34. Wear the patch — people are always interested in what happened.

35. Earn a lot of money.

36. Learn some funny stories and learn to tell them, but be sure not to tell a story twice.

37. Walk up to him and tell him you need advice.

38. Drop the handkerchief — it still works.

39. Make your father bought tickets to the theater, from which then you will need to “unexpectedly remove”.

40. Wait in a corner and quietly weep. It is likely that he will come to know what happened.

41. Don’t let him try to remember your name at your next meeting. There is no “guess who?”

42. If you are on vacation, make sure that the bellboy was loudly called you by name and surname.

43. Buy that convertible. Men they like.

44. Learn to bake delicious Apple pies. Bring this cake to the office — let all the eligible bachelors to try.

45. Laugh at his jokes.

46. If among men you know, there are quiet, why not “handle”. How do I know, maybe he’s a diamond in the rough?

47. “Accidentally” make the purse flew out of your hands and it spilled all the contents.

48. Men consider themselves experts in perfumes. Ask him what kind of perfume you should use.

49. Choose glasses better men still ignore the girls with glasses — or contact lens wear.

50. Train yourself to drink, first doing it with their girlfriends.

51. If paint hair, select the color and don’t change it.

52. Most of the time wear heels — they are sexy.

53. The previous rule does not apply if he is below you.

54. Tell him he’s beautiful.

55. Take good care of your health. Men do not like to hurt girls.


56. If you look good in sweaters — wear them on every third date.

57. Dress not like all the other girls in the office.

58. Take care of the tan.

59. Watch the speech.

60. Sit on a diet, if you need it.

61. If you order a steak rare, minimal.

62. Don’t tell him what you’re allergic to.

63. European women are well able to shoot the eyes. Practice in front of a mirror.

64. Buy full length mirror and look at yourself before you meet him.

65. Adjust the shade of your stockings and ensure that their seams were located exactly.

66. Use the scrub.

67. If he bought you a piece of jewelry and accessory, be sure to wear them.

68. Use the ashtray, not Strachowice the ashes in a coffee Cup.

69. Hone your skill to present yourself, do it gracefully.

70. Don’t be too fussy.

71. Stick to their moral principles.

72. Do not whine who whine goes only to the wine alone.

73. Show that you can still have fun on a cheap date, but don’t get too smart!

74. Don’t allow parents to treat him as your potential husband.

75. Have your parents disappear when you’re having fun.

76. Arrange a double date with the happy married couple — show him how it feels.

77. Tell his friends good things about him.

78. Send his mom a postcard in honor of his birthday.

79. Ask his mom to share the recipes.

80. Talk to his father about business and agree that taxes are too high.

81. From time to time give gifts to the children of his sisters.

82. On the first date, tell him and don’t think about marriage.

83. Don’t talk about how much you want children.

84. If he is a fisherman, learn how to skin and clean a fish.

85. Don’t tell him everything about yourself in the beginning. Leave something for later.

86. If you walk, you do not need to demand that it stops at every shop window of the store.

87. Don’t tell him, how much is your clothing.

88. Learn to sew and wear something made by your hands.

89. Not tittle-tattles about it.

90. Never let him know that he’s “the one”, even if you have a night to spend at home.

91. Don’t be too available when he tries to arrange a date.

92. With first dates you need to choose a favorite song, it will be associated with your pair.

93. Learn more about girls on whom he married. Do not repeat their mistakes.

94. Do not discuss your ex-Boyfriends.

95. If you are a widow or divorced, it is not necessary to discuss ex-husband.

96. Be flexible. If he is dancing decide to go to the lake to participate in rowing, go with him, even if you the best evening dress.

97. If you have the key to the “Phi Beta Kappa”, hide it. Then your youngest can play with him. (The”Phi Beta Kappa” — a privileged community of students and College graduates).

98. Turn the Heartbreakers in good men, provided that they have the advantage.

99. Keep from the desire to alter it — at least before marriage.

100. Know where to draw the line, but do it gracefully.

101. Stay innocent, but not stupid.

102. Make your home comfortable for him — large ashtrays and comfortable chairs.

103. Learn how to play poker.

104. If he’s rich, tell him that you like his money, is his intrigue.

105. Never let him believe that a career is more important to you than marriage.

106. From time to time buy him entertaining or symbolic gifts. But they should not be too expensive.

107. Send him mail funny cartoon that will mean something important for both of you.

108. Do not tell him dirty stories.

109. Don’t be “mommy’s” daughter — don’t let him think that he will have quarrels with your parents, even if you know that it will.

110. Tell him that the mortality rate among single men is two times higher than among the married.

111. Go to Yale.

112. Get a license for the weapon.

113. If you have a fat mother, tell me what you appearance like his father. If it’s too thick, tell me that you were adopted.

114. Secretly get on Board of a warship.

115. Buy space on the Billboard where you can post your photo and phone.

116. Write your name and number of the paint on the roof and add the phrase “horn I, the pilots”.

117. Put the word out that you are very desirable.

118. Start sinking at the trendy beach at the height of noon.

119. Ride the bus to the airport and back.

120. Bribe the operator of the Ferris wheel, especially to get stuck on its top.

121. Wait on the corner of a busy street with a lasso in his hands.

122. Carry a camera and ask a passing handsome men if they can take your picture.

123. Ask your mom to take tenants male.

124. Make and sell wigs, bald men are easy targets.

125. Advertise the search for a co-owner of the boat is male.

126. If you see a man with a flat tire — offer to fix it.

127. Carry a tow chain in your car.

128. Let me know in your office that you have a bunch of buttons and you are ready to sew their bachelors.

129. Don’t go ahead and marry if he has too many divorced buttons.

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