Fantastic Goodies from McDonald’s, which are found only in certain countries

McDonald’s in each country is slightly different, and everywhere there are dishes that are no longer to be found in any country of the world. What foods should go to McDonald’s in a foreign country? Users of Buzzfeed has compiled their list of the most delicious and unusual menu items from this popular fast food chains. From burgers with the “Nutella” fritters to a chicken — everything in there!

Italy: Formation of “Nutella” (Nutella Sweety con)

Sweeties with “Nutella” is just a Burger with the famous chocolate-hazelnut spread, that’s all. And no meat.

Canada: Putin (Poutine)

This dish is in the canadian “McDonald’s” is a mountain of potato sticks, bathed in meat sauce gravy mixed with cheese curd grain. Satisfying.

Netherlands: Mckroket (McKroket)

It’s a Burger with a Patty made of beef stew with melted cheese. Cutlet coated in breadcrumbs. All seasoned with a mustard sauce.

Uruguay: ice cream with pancakes (Pancake Helado)

This American style pancakes stuffed with boiled condensed milk. On top is spread a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Singapore: the Twister-fries (Twister Fries)

This crispy potato appears on sale in Singapore “McDonald’s” every lunar New year. If you want to add flavor, you can dip it in the curry sauce.

Japan: chicken “Shaka Shaka” (Shaka Shaka Chicken)

It’s a packet of chicken cutlet breaded and fried with a package of sauce in the bargain: you can choose lemon, pepper or cheese. Pour the sauce in the bag with the hamburger, shake and enjoy the “Shaka-Shaka”.

South Korea: Churros (Churros)

It’s fried dough covered with powdered sugar. Very tasty.

Malaysia: “Burger prosperity” (Prosperity Burger)

This Burger is also dedicated to the theme of the New year on the Eastern calendar. It happens with beef or chicken. You can add onions, hashbraun, and pepper sauce.

Singapore: vegetarian crispy Burger (Veggie Crunch Burger)

This vegetarian cutlet in breadcrumbs, to which are attached more vegetables. Sounds useful.

New Zealand: frozen Coca-Cola (Frozen Coke)

Just a stab of the frozen Coca-Cola, which will help to freshen up.

Spain: potatoes Deluxe (Patatas Deluxe)

It’s potato wedges with sauce.

South Africa: Maker (McFeast)

Two beef patties, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese. This sandwich can also be asked with McBraai sauce (similar to BBQ) sauce from Macchicken. This is a feast!

Japan: Macflurry with match and Oreo cookies (Matcha Oreo McFlurry)

Matcha green tea, chocolate and Oreo ice cream. It is divine.

Brazil: cheese bread (Pão de Queijo)

Just cheese bread, that’s all.

Hong Kong: black and white burgers (Black and White Burgers)

The black Burger has become so, probably, because added to the ink cuttlefish bread, and inside it — two beef patties. The White Burger is chicken. How can I improve this Burger brilliance? Of course, a scoop of mashed potatoes.

Indonesia: Special Panas (PaNas Special)

This is a wrapped ball of rice accompanied by a couple of pieces of fried chicken and scrambled eggs. The Breakfast of Champions.

UK: Mcflurry with Cadbury chocolate eggs (Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry)

All the most obscene gastronomic desire mixed with vanilla ice cream and Cadbury chocolate eggs with a creamy filling. It’s some kind of debauchery.

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