12 stars who have publicly admitted they are living with HIV

November 23, legend of rock music, the greatest innovator of his time, and amazingly talented musician Freddie mercury admitted that he was HIV positive. The next day, the lead singer of the band Queen died.

From this material you will learn about the celebrities who also confessed to the disease, but managed to survive with him.

Thomas Neuwirth, 30 years, singer

Known as Conchita Wurst the winner of Eurovision 2014, from Austria has publicly confessed his HIV-positive status via Instagram in may of 2018.

Thomas said that this diagnosis put him many years ago, but all this time the artist didn’t want to talk about it to the General public. The situation escalated when one of the relatives of Neuvirth started threatening him with the dissemination of this information.

“I will not allow anyone to scare me and influence my life,” said Thomas. Neuwirth after the detection diagnosis got treatment and thanks to that, now healthy and full of energy.

Irvin “magic” Johnson, 59 years old, athletic

American professional basketball player NBA, played for the club “Los Angeles Lakers”, 1996, Johnson entered the list of the 50 greatest players in NBA history.

With the passage of the medical examinations in the 1991/92 season, it became clear that Johnson’s AIDS. November 7, 1991, he announced his retirement from professional sports. On the question of how he was infected, at first remained silent, then said that he had many sexual contacts with different partners throughout his career.

He also stated that his wife Cookie and their unborn at the time the child is not infected with a virus and that his future life he would dedicate the fight against this deadly disease. Photo: grown up son, star basketball AJ.

Then Johnson began to take a special protivopolozhnye cocktails — combinations of medications that prevent the progression of HIV infection to the terminal stage. In September 2002, the doctors found that Johnson did not show any symptoms of AIDS.

Magic said on this occasion: “the Medicine has done its job. I also think I did what I could. And the Lord did the rest”.

Nadja Benaissa, 36 years old, the singer

German singer, best known as a member of pop group No Angels and the local “idol” in 2010 left the band after the received two-year suspended sentence for infecting a sexual partner with HIV.

In 1999, Benaissa gave birth to a daughter. During pregnancy she was diagnosed with HIV. On 11 April 2009, Benaissa was arrested for the fact that in the period from 2004 to 2006 had several unprotected sexual contacts and not made known to the partners that she has an infection.

About the infection the star press writes: growing up in a Muslim family girl in spite of the strict father got into bad company, started Smoking, drinking and first had sex at age 14. Used marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and crack (mixture of cocaine and heroin), not even realizing that it is a heavy drug. At 16 she got pregnant, then the truth was revealed about HIV.

Anton Krasovsky, 43 years old, journalist

The TV presenter admitted in 2017, that he’s HIV-positive status. He told this in an interview with Zag.

Political strategist, former activist of the headquarters of the presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak and open homosexual now heads the “AIDS center”, which disseminates information about the disease, fighting stigma and helping those who are hurt the Russian HIV epidemic, to drugs.

Jerry Herman, 87, composer

Poet, author of the world famous Broadway musical “Hello, Dolly!” and “Milk and honey”, I learned that HIV, in 1985. But to openly talk about it could only a few years later.

Herman is an example of that experimental drugs and new HIV treatments actually work. The composer takes medication, which he manages to this day to enjoy life.

Andy bell, 54, is a musician

Singer sintipop Duo Erasure and gay learned about the disease in 1990. Then the doctors prescribed the star treatment from pneumonia.

Bell is regularly undergoing combinatorial therapy, allowing him to live the life of an ordinary person.

Pavel Lobkov, 51, journalist

Former broadcaster NTV and the author of a number of TV shows — one of the rarest of brave men among the Russians who confessed to a terrible disease.

About his HIV status, he said in December 2015, world day of fight against AIDS, on the TV channel “Rain”. In conversation with colleagues Lobkov said that doctors diagnosed him with an infection in 2003. About how there was an infection, not specified, but rumor has it that pubic hair — the ladies ‘ man.

Larry Kramer, 83, a playwright

Pulitzer prize winner, a fighter for the rights of LGBT and HIV-positive, one of the most controversial writers of the United States since 1991, lead activist activities.

“Plague. We are in the middle of the fucking plague. And you yourself become … the plague. Forty million infected people is a fucking plague”, he said.

What Kramer wrote in a 1986 autobiographical play “the normal heart” about the early years of HIV, when a new disease called “gay cancer”. The main role in the movie was played by openly gay Matt bomer and received the “Golden globe”.

Greg Louganis squat, 58 years old, athletic

The famous American diver learned about the disease in 1988. And even after that he was able to win two gold medals on the “Olympic games”. But admitted it only in 1995, when he published the autobiography “Breaking the surface”.

After this recognition in the United States has been a serious scandal: in one of the “Olympics” athlete unsuccessfully jumped into the pool and smashed his head. At that time he still concealed his HIV status and, therefore, the other Olympians were in danger. Although the doctors assured me that the infection in such a situation is impossible, Louganis squat repeatedly apologized for the incident on live TV.

Now Louganis squat teaches at the school of acting, in films, plays theater. The virus in his blood dropped to undetectable. A few years later, Louganis squat married with her husband johnny Chaillot.

Charlie sheen, 53, actor

Hollywood star in 2015, has alarmed the whole world with his confession that he had the human immunodeficiency virus. According to him, he was diagnosed four years before that.

According to Shina, who was, as he boasted, about 5000 sexual partners, he always advocated the use of condoms. But once neglected this measure of protection when “was too drunk or just lazy”.

“And here you are”, he said.

The actor promised fans that on the background of disease it is, of course, stick to a healthy lifestyle, quit Smoking, and almost in the monastery leave. However, the paparazzi recently caught him leaving the airport with a cigarette in his mouth.

Chris Smith, 67, politician

Ex-culture Minister, Chris Smith is the first politician who was not afraid to talk about his homosexual orientation. In early 2005, Smith led the community in shock, saying that he lives with HIV since 1987.

“Pushed me to this decision, a public statement of former South African President Nelson Mandela. He honestly told the world that his eldest son died of AIDS. The example of Mandela, his call to fight prejudice all over the world that are very strong against people with HIV — all this gave strength and me.”

In the framework of the international project on AIDS Chris visited in Russia. At the seminars he talked about the lives of people with a positive HIV status and their problems.

Andreas Lundstedt, 46 years old, musician

The founder of the Swedish group Alcazar in December 2007, admitted that the rumors about him being HIV positive are true. Almost immediately the singer started to undergo maintenance therapy.

Now Andreas says that his life is normal: he feels, and in its work the virus is not affected.

However, despite this last week has reported that Alcazar will cease to exist after 20 years of operation. On 16 November they held their farewell concert. Whether this is due to the health of frontman — is unknown.

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