A touching story of rescue huskies in Bali

Amazing transformation and a touching story of rescue: Bali emaciated stray dog for ten months turned into a beautiful husky. All this thanks to caring people.

If you have ever been to Bali, you most likely know that in addition to the amazing scenery and ocean waves there is a serious problem of homeless animals. Balinese often on the streets or beaches you can see and homeless purebred dogs.

In the beginning in Bali, the cases of rabies, so the local authorities banned the import into the territory of the island animals. And although officially the import of Pets is forbidden, everything is decided by bribes, and a purebred dog or cat has become sort of a status symbol, an expensive toy that can not afford anyone. Some Balinese people give birth to dogs, but keep them in cages, as if not realizing that it is a living creature who needs attention and care. A purebred dog can steal how to steal a motorcycle, to give, and if it has lost its original appearance — just throw it on the street.

It is unknown exactly how little the huskies got on the street, but when 26-year-old Indonesian Rico Soegiarto ran into her in Bali the capital, it seemed that she here-here will expire.

Skinny, mangy, covered in sores — from the usual homeless Bali dogs on the verge of death she possessed only the bright blue eyes. Compassionate Rico, who works as a receptionist in hotel, I could not pass.

“I immediately realized that it is something special, admitted Rico. — It’s all about heart and feelings. I found the dog when I went to work. The dog was lying in the middle of the street, barely able to breathe”.

Rico realized that I should give the dog a second chance, and decided to get tortured the poor thing. He called his new pet hope (in translation from English — “hope”).

Hope became a full member of the family, sharing shelter with Rico, his girlfriend and four dogs.

Rico was a lot of work to bring the hope back in order. He washed her, cut some mats, and then began the difficult process of removing subcutaneous mite.

Hope, expect numerous visits to the vet.

When Rico picked her up, she was still a puppy. She really was very lucky to fall into loving hands.

As time went on, good nutrition, love and care, gradually did the business. A little hope began to resemble a husky.

10 months after the first meeting with hope Rico shared a photo of her stunning transformation.

Beautiful hope just loves his Savior.

Hope’s smooth healthy hair, cheerful eyes, and an affectionate, good-natured character.

“The only thing I care about right now, is that hope is very friendly, and Bali is enough of thieves, and she could trustfully to run for a stranger,” — worries Rico.

And recently, hope made a new friend — a handsome male husky. Who knows, maybe soon Rico is waiting for the completion of the family.

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