How does one of the toughest prisons Russia’s “Black Dolphin”

Worldwide Russian prisons is considered almost the most severe. And one prison is especially famous for its strict regime and prisoners, of which there contain.

The colony of special regime for life prisoners “Black Dolphin” is located on the border with Kazakhstan, in the town of Sol-Iletsk. According to the documentary National Geographic, prison are the most dangerous criminals in the country — serial killers, cannibals and terrorists. One of the guards told the crew that the only way to escape is to die.

Its unofficial name “Black Dolphin” prison was due to the statue in front of the entrance, made by prisoners. In fact, the colony is called “fku IK-6 UFSIN of Russia across the Orenburg region”.

In prison there are 700 prisoners, among them cannibals, serial killers, maniacs and terrorists.

In total, these criminals killed about 3,500 people. The average is five murders per inmate.

In the “Black Dolphin” see, life prisoners. On the photo: Vladimir Nikolaev, is doing time for cannibalism.

Nikolayev killed a man during a drunken fight, then dragged him into the bathroom and hacked his body to pieces.

Some parts he ate, gave the rest to a friend whose wife cooked the meat and gave them to the family for dinner. Nikolaev — one of the most famous killers in Russia.

Criminals are under video surveillance.

Prisoners are separated from the doors and Windows of massive steel bars, the camera is a cell in the cell.

Two prisoners share a 5 square meters of the camera.

Every 15 minutes, the guards making rounds.

When the convicts out of the camera, they have to go, heavily bent with hands behind back.

In the transition to another building or when going for a walk, the prisoners wear a blindfold so they couldn’t remember the layout of the jail.

Physical exercise — walk from one corner to another. Prison exercise yard in “the Black Dolphin” no.

While prisoners on a walk, organize a search — are you searching for contraband or evidence of preparation of the escape.

Dining room in prison either.

Prisoners eat in their cells.

Fed soup and bread.

From prison, “Black Dolphin” has not escaped anyone.

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