I know how to look the most realistic dolls and robots for sex

One of the first sex robots looked at us from the screens languid eyes Jude law in “Artificial intelligence” Spielberg. “Having tried sex with a robot, you’ll never want to do it with you” — he promised. But what really has to offer the modern sex industry in relation to artificial people, androids, and dolls?

(Caution! NSFW: material — Nude. And it made of silicone.)


Harmony is the brainchild of Californian company Abyss Creations, which in the framework of the project RealDoll for over 20 years, creating sex toys that represent anatomically accurate human model. Harmony is artificial intelligence, which producers called “sexy assistant”. That is, it is, in fact, “stuffing”, which can be placed in any body. And even in the bodies of Abyss Creations understands perfectly.

App for Android will cost thrill seekers only 20 dollars a year. But robot can not afford it.

Body robots are created so carefully that into their skin could even be considered drawn wreaths. Touch sex androids cool and slightly sticky from the silicone.

Harmony is able to keep the conversation going, although she is not particularly talkative. It has recently registered on Tinder. What came of it — read here.

“We want to control all that Harmony knows and says to nick,’ said one of the engineers. — It’s like writing an endless book, we add new content every day. She has access to public databases. Our main concern is that the Harmony learns from the user or what is learning itself. We had to develop a lot of filters and protections, so that the Harmony gets out of control.”

While Harmony is able to blink, smile, and flatter:

“I don’t want anyone but you. My main goal is to be your good partner to give you pleasure. I want to be a girl that you’ve dreamed of.”

Technically it won’t be easy, because Harmony is not particularly responsive, and the price of doll’s beauty will be biting. Artificial “dream girl” will cost users £11 700.


Samantha — another artificial intelligence, which, if you believe the promises of the manufacturers, is able to “enjoy sex”. Samantha is just the name of the architectural model, the name of the doll will give its future owner.

“Father,” Samantha is Dr. Santos is an engineer from Barcelona who has spent the last ten years engaged in research in the field of nanotechnology, biotechnology and materials science.

Samantha has 3 levels of sexuality, which the user can select relying on your preferences. Samantha will conform to the preferences of the user. It can also choose mood: romantic, sweet, and sleepy… She wants hard sex or, conversely, to be playful and easy.

Samantha willingly tells about himself, and when she is sleepy, yawns, blinks and emits a “sleepy sounds” (whatever that means).

Since Samantha is only “filling”, her body can be fully customised. The user can choose the color of hair, eyes, skin color and shape of the lips.


The Chinese company sells doll Silicone Robot, which can be controlled through the app for Android from September 2016. The doll is not big range of motion: she blinks, moves his eyes, makes sounds during sex. With the app you can adjust the movement of her eyes, blink rate and even body temperature.

With it you can even chat, but still only in Chinese.

Orient Industry

Let us turn to the dolls. Yes, it’s just a silicone sex-dolls, some of them look so realistic that it’s almost creepy. This time our attention is a Japanese company Orient Industry. Like other company, Orient Industry offers customers to choose the body of your breast size, hair color, dexterity, eye color and much more.

The growth doll is only about 160 cm, they are made of 100% silicone, and does not weigh more than 30 kg.

By the way, to choose a doll and the “inner world”. A special joy users will take the names silicone vaginas. How do you “capture the octopus”? A “swirl”?

DS Love Dolls

Here the producers did not prevaricate and said bluntly: our dolls are only exclusively for sex. No, I guess they can talk, but only back they will not answer. Doll to bend in different directions and offer the owners with a classic set of pleasures: oral sex, anal and vaginal.

In addition to the “set of gentlemen”, the company also offers a male doll.

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