10 revolutionary ideas of Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci lived at the turn of the XV and XVI centuries, but the feeling that he came back from the future. Many of his discoveries, inventions and ideas are very hard to explain otherwise. However, there are a dozen major ideas and concepts, without which our world today would be different.

Vitruvian man. Leonardo da Vinci developed his concept of an ideal physique, based on the proportions proposed by the Roman architect, and mechanic of Vitruvius. The angry men, depicts da Vinci, now there is a reason for joy: this is one of the most recognizable in the world of sketches.

Geochronology. The majority of his contemporaries da Vinci believed that fossilized clams in the mountains was there for the Great flood. Italian artist and inventor thought otherwise. It was he first came up with the idea of the movement of tectonic plates.

Self-propelled carriage. Of course, it’s not a Ferrari, but for the era of da Vinci’s design of this wagon was truly revolutionary. Wooden “car” moved by the interaction of springs with the wheels. In 2004, scientists in a Museum in Florence has created an exact copy of the cart and found that it really goes as planned inventor.

An ideal city. Da Vinci lived in Milan during the plague, but dreamed of a more clean and sophisticated city which can be proud of. He left behind a very detailed architectural drawings in indoor stables with ventilation system. Da Vinci proposed to build a two-tier city, where the upper level would be used for pedestrian and ground roads, and the lower one related to the basements of the houses of tunnels and channels, which could be used for moving cargo transport.

Helicopter. Modern scientists agree that this design is hardly ever fly, but the concept of the helicopter, invented by da Vinci, is still one of the most famous. This thing had to manage a team of four people. There is a version that the helicopter design was inspired by a children’s toy windmill, popular in the days of the inventor.

Gun. Being more of a thinker and scholar than fighter, da Vinci’s nevertheless often thought about the concepts of the weapons. For example, he suggested a more efficient design of the gun, which has three trunks instead of one.

Winged paraglider. The da Vinci’s imagination was filled to the limit with ideas of flying machines, including multiple concepts of gliders with flapping wings.

The rotating bridge. Being a fan of fast movement, da Vinci thought his revolving bridge would best be useful in military operations. According to the concept, the bridge of light but durable materials, attached to a rope and roller system on wheels, allowed the army to quickly expand and collapse, in the right place.

Suit for diving. Da Vinci was also very passionate about the sea, and it inspired him to the creation of concepts for vehicles to study the underwater world. His underwater suit was made of leather and connected with reed breathing tube and a bell that floated on the water surface. The inventor has provided, even a bag for collecting urine.

Mirror writing. Was the famous Leonardo’s script try to avoid plagiarism or da Vinci wrote so as not to smear the ink by hand on paper? Whatever it was, he liked it: most of his recordings were made from right to left.

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