“Chernobyl freaks”: canadian hockey players trashed their adopted Russians

Once again the Russians are “warmed a snake on his chest” and soon paid for it. Two top canadian ice-hockey player, Ryan Whitney (Ryan Whitney) and the Floor of Bissonet (Paul Bissonnette), played one season for the club, “Sochi”, returned to his home and began in the company of fellow exercise in wit about Russia and Russians.

Athletes started to podcast Spittin’ Chicklets, which describe the Russian reality in the not very attractive colors. Also Ryan and Paul invite other athletes who had experience in Russia, to splash mud on people who not long ago gave a sincere toothy smile.

Floor Bissonet

Ryan Whitney is “a great expert of Russia”, as held in the Sochi team for the whole season of 2014-2015. Invite them in podcast colleagues also “ate a dog” in this matter, and endlessly willing to share their experiences, almost exclusively negative.

Ryan Whitney

The impression that all members of this not quite a men’s club have a specific grudge against the Russians. Probably the players were not too respected in their teams and subjected to “hazing” by local, and revenge.

His first impression was expressed once played for “metallurg” and “Salavat Yulaev” Brent Sopel (Brent Sopel) and Teddy Purcell (Purcel Teddy) from “Avant-garde”. The nozzle has snivel about the fact that the database was hard, almost prison regime and the uncomfortable beds:

“Twin beds, if you put it on the laptop, then place on each side almost does not remain. It was a nightmare. In Novokuznetsk framework was not, but the city itself was still a nightmare. Base – is a quiet horror, there followed every step of the way. Russian at every opportunity tried to get out to go drink some warm beer through a straw. But seeing there was hard.”.

Obviously, it looked like the room Brent was Sopel in Russia

The baton was picked up Whitney, which the coaches were forced to spend too much time on physical training:

“In the morning we turned the bikes. There were large TVs showed the related of NHL games. In these moments I felt the worst. I was watching my guys on TV and thought: “Yesterday they played in Chicago the next three days, they have no matches, and I’m pedaling in Russia and watch the video of the NHL. Shoot me.”

Purcell did not lag behind fellow club and also shared his impressions:

“It’s like a prison. I slept in my pants without undressing. It was hard to read “Instagram”, to watch everyone having fun. But I needed it, I did not delete. “Facetime” uttered, perhaps, nine million hours.”

But was particularly struck by Canadians are not hospital beds and warm beer through a straw, and the Russians themselves. Ryan described the men as follows:

“They have an apartment-sized bathroom, and they drive a Mercedes, all hung with Louis Vuitton and Gucci. And wear Abercrombie & Fitch, this brand is hard to buy, and all wear it and I’m like “You morons”?”

Opinion about the Russian girls were not better than Whitney Ryan claims not to have seen the Golden mean, and all the ladies that he met this gorgeous beauties like Kournikova or “Chernobyl freaks with three eyes”.

Agonizing turned out to be for the delicate of foreign Legionnaires and chat with the locals. Whitney argues that in the past year have forgotten how to speak native English, and began to put primitive:

“When I returned from Russia, talked like a jerk. “Today we go food, sushi”. Friends all were shocked. And I had long been deprived of normal communication in English. In the locker room you say, “Skates, sharpening, stick, shake”. I know what you mean! No matter how much you spent in Russia three weeks or 10 years, the first week after returning home you feel like the happiest in the world.”

Let’s hope that these “memoirs”, which became available to all network users, will take note of future “customers” of the canadian players and to once again consider the importance of physical data only in the choice of the player, or should pay attention to the human?

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