Bright piggy Bank in the shape of a giraffe with his own hands

Good day, dear homebrew. Surely among you are Thrifty and prudent people who are some penny try at least sometimes to drop into the piggy Bank. This project is especially for those who collect the coveted rubles in glass jars, cardboard boxes from perfume or metal container of loose tea. Today’s creation – creative piggy Bank from leftover materials in the form of a cute giraffe.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиTo work need some pieces of plywood, a little time and attention. The manuals detail all the steps and attached the template with a digital drawing, to simplify the Assembly process.
The necessary materials and tools:
List of materials:
– Plywood;
– A piece of Plexiglas;
– Joiner’s glue;
– Small screws;
– Acrylic paint or nail Polish;
– Sandpaper.
List of tools:
– Band saw.
Step 1. Determine the design
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиOn the pictures you can see how the author of handmade came up with the design for a future piggy. Initially, he did a pencil sketch on a sheet of paper. Then scanned the work in digital format and the computer edited sketches into a full-fledged template that readers could print it without wasting time and nerves on autographic art.
So we see three templates:
1. Torso with Shay and animal head – you will need 2 copies
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими руками2. Torso, neck and tail – 1 blank
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими руками3. The torso with the legs – 2 template.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиIn the end, you’ll need five pieces of plywood that need to migrate those templates, as shown in the image.
Important! Printing templates, guide a the largest coin which I plan to drop in the piggy Bank, for her trajectory in the so-called “Bank”. It should not touch outlines, otherwise the freewheel will not be just a coin stuck in the track.
Step 2. Cut blanks
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиTo move the image pieces on the plywood in two ways: glue the paper template using a “glue stick” to the surface or to redraw the picture using carbon paper. To cut shapes using a band saw, but this task can also cope with a hand jigsaw. To work with “closed figures” (wave on the giraffe’s neck and an oval in the body), originally drilled a hole at the edge, then pushes the canvas tool, fix it (if needed) and make the cut.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиThe tricky part is Central. Here the neckline is quite wide, edges thin, therefore, you need to work neatly and carefully. In this billet will be a coin. Double-check its progress again if she’s clinging to the edge of the neck of the giraffe, cut off the unnecessary by using an engraver.
Step 3. Glue shapes
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиWhen you have finished processing all of the workpieces glued them together with wood glue as shown in the figure.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиClamp the pieces with clamps and wait until the glue dries.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиStep 4. Grind and test
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиCarefully grind the future the Treasury sandpaper. The surface should be smooth irownum.
Do not be lazy and do the test on the coins again.
Step 5. Coloring
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиMake plain billet vivid and cute giraffe. Prepare several colors of acrylic paints. To be correct, to pre-coat the surface of the white ground.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиNext, paint the workpiece in yellow.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиЯркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиNext step – draw brown spots and everything else. As practice shows, the most difficult to portray the snout of the animal.
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиDo not rush to draw paint eyes, it is better to make outline with a pencil.
Step 6. Paintable
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиIn fact, this step is not required. Acrylic paint after drying looks fresh and bright. But if you want your piggy overly shined and eventually lost his shades, coat it with several layers of lacquer.
Step 7. Working with plexiglass
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиIt’s time to cover the flanks of our piggy banks transparent plexiglass. Cut out two ovals that are completely shut the cut-outs in the trunk of the animal. Drill each with 4 holes for screws. Attach the Plexiglas to the mounting location, mark the hole positions with a pencil and drill them. Then screw the Plexiglas to the piggy Bank with the help of small screws. Not worth much to tighten, otherwise the plexiglass can break.
Step 8. Finish the design
Яркая копилка в форме жирафа своими рукамиPofantaziruyte and put your giraffe in an imaginary meadow. Take a round cross-section of wood, draw on it, bushes, flowers, grass. This stand will ensure that the product is not only original appearance but also greater stability.
Congratulations, dazzling giraffe who is always will help you out a coin, ready to serve you!


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