In Russia will create the operational test system to identify COVID-19

В РФ создадут самую оперативную тест-систему выявления COVID-19

Scientists from St. Petersburg state electrotechnical University “LETI” working on an innovative system for the rapid diagnosis and treatment COVID-19 using the peptides spatially complementary (matching like a lock and key) the coronavirus spike.

In case of successful passing of all tests it will be Russia’s first test system, which detects pathogen within just ten minutes.

“Because the virus is located in the epithelium on the surface — where it enters the body — in the nose, in the throat, it is required for the analysis or the smear sputum”, — explained the “Izvestia” in “LETI”.

On a chip of glass or polymer size with the slide there is an input tank solution to contain the sample for analysis. The chip is inserted in the reader, where the solution passes by the sites with the peptides.

If in the sample there are viruses, they will “stick” to the peptides. With the help of optical devices, you can immediately see their bright glow. Check the adhering proteins on such a biochip is performed using an optical method, also developed at LETI.

Experts say that on the whole the test cycle until the CPS certification will take eight to ten months.

Details in the exclusive “News”:

Chipped COVID: a unique biosensor will help to identify the infection in ten minutes


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