Amazon has banned police departments of the United States to use facial recognition technology

Corporation Amazon for one year, banned police departments of the United States to use the technology Amazon Rekognition, which allows among other things to recognize faces. This was reported on the official website of the company.

The company noted that organizations that deal with lost children, rescuing victims of human trafficking, reuniting missing people with their families, will be able to continue to use the technology.

Amazon said that earlier it was advocated that the government introduce more stringent rules governing the use of face recognition technology. the company believes that the one-year moratorium will give Congress enough time to prepare such rules.

BBC News clarify that Amazon has imposed a ban amid concerns of human rights defenders that face recognition can be biased against blacks.

We will remind that on June 8, IBM was no longer developing software for face recognition and other technologies used “for mass surveillance and violations of basic rights and liberties.”

As we wrote on may 26 in the USA, there are mass protests against police violence and racial discrimination because of the murder of an African American George Floyd


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