A selection of comedies from the passionate moviegoer

Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

In order to brighten up the end of a hard day’s work or even a stressful week, need time alone and allow yourself to completely relax. This will help you our selection of comedies.


The film industry is now almost the main entertainment area in the world. It gives us the opportunity to learn something new, to see their favorite book characters and historical figures.

Serious psychological films can help relive some of the vicissitudes of life, and autobiographical masterwork make them believe in their capabilities and to view life from different angles.

Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

However, after a stressful working hours we need a light Comedy that will not overload the philosophical sense and give your weary mind a well-deserved watch a fun holiday.

Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

The best modern foreign Comedy will help to briefly plunge into the world of exciting and funny adventures of the main characters, and to cheer yourself up.

Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

And here is the top the best modern comedies from our site. Keep a list of and enjoy on weekends!


  • “Goodfellas”
    Подборка комедий от страстного киноманаStunning comedic detective 2016 Shane black. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe will win your heart, after all, their characters are real adventurers on his head, which get into ridiculous scrapes.
  • “Once in Ireland”
    Подборка комедий от страстного киноманаThe film reveals the peculiarities of the inhabitants of Ireland. Sergeant Gerry Boyle amuse you cheerful demeanour and great jokes. It healthy exactly apathy should learn.
  • “Cops in skirts”Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

    The adventures of two strong women that inspire and give rise to a desire to live at full. Comedy Sandra bullock once again you will be amazed.

  • “The girl without complexes”
    Подборка комедий от страстного киноманаThe film is based on an autobiographical script Amy Schumer, in which she describes her adventure in the world of journalism.
  • “Run, fat boy, run”Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

    Threw his wife in the position of the main character is trying to put himself in order to win back her heart. Simon Pegg did a great job with the role.

  • “Love not the size”Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

    Typical French romantic Comedy about how breaking down stereotypes on the path to true love. The film gets faith in himself and fills the heart with warmth.

  • “Pretend my wife”Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

    Good and light Comedy with Jennifer aniston. Plot completely capture your attention. Guarantee two hours of unbridled laughter, and exciting events.

  • “Hot fuzz”Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

    A great Comedy for all lovers of Comedy fighters. A simple story of a nondescript London police, which gradually turns into a real fantasy adventure.

  • “The proposal”Подборка комедий от страстного киномана

    Another masterpiece featuring Sandra bullock. The actress plays the strict boss that hates all slaves. However, using one of them it is necessary in order to have her deported from the country.

  • I sincerely hope that our selection will have you taste!


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