The cherry weevil. How to protect a garden from this pest?

Вишнёвый долгоносик. Как защитить сад от этого вредителя?

Cherry weevil is the main pest of cherries and other stone fruit trees.

Development life cycle of the weevil

Imago is actually a bug. It’s small size of 5.5-10 mm. Has a beautiful Golden-green color with purple tint. Males differ from females in that they have prednagruzki on the sides there are sharp spikes. The minimum temperature for development of 14S-18S, and a comfortable 22C-25C.One generation per year.
The egg is white, oval in shape, measuring 1-1. 5 mm. Period of 10-14 days.

Вишнёвый долгоносик. Как защитить сад от этого вредителя?
Face has a white color, curved shape. Her head and mouth are brown color, and the body covered with reddish hairs. Some part of the fallen larvae after 12-15 days turns into bugs and leaves in the winter like this. The second part moves to the next stage.
Pupae are white, shining, covered with sparse hair. Its length 5-6 mm. Hibernates at the depth of 5-10 cm.

The departure time of beetles

Weevils begin to appear during the swelling of the buds, but the mass departure occurs during the flowering cherries. He doesn’t like high humidity, so when it rains its activity is lowered. The mating of animals occurs in the first half of may and a week later the females lay eggs.
What harm they cause to the cherry trees
Introduced insects begin to feed on buds, flowers, young leaves, the ovaries, causing them to take damage. Damaged buds dry out. Can damage up to 15% of buds in phase a green cone. The damaged buds drop. Such trees will not bring a good harvest.

Вишнёвый долгоносик. Как защитить сад от этого вредителя?
But not only hurting the bugs. Even greater damage is caused by their larvae. When the fruit is ripe, the females lay their eggs (one per individual fruit). One female can lay 150 eggs. After 10-14 days the larvae. They gnaw through soft at this time, the bone and eat the contents within 20-25 days. Reaching maturity, the larva drops to the earth to turn back into a beetle. Damaged berries will have an ugly shape. They lose their marketability.

How to deal with the weevil?

Early in the spring to clear trees from dead bark (clear on the film and not on the ground). All this must then burn. To make whitewash trunks with lime mortar.
During the swelling of the buds and spread out at the bottom of the tape and a long stick, striking the branches to shake them on the Mat.
During Bud break (in the phase “green cone”) to make treatment intestinal-contact or systemic insecticides Aktellik, BI-58,Konfidor, Angio, Decis, Dragoons, Karate, commander, Fufanon, fury.
After flowering is done re-treatment of the trees with insecticides.
In the summer, the trees are arranged hunting zone for larvae. The ground is carpeted with straw impregnated powder contact insecticide. After harvest, the litter removed and burned.
To bring the gardens insectivorous birds.

Вишнёвый долгоносик. Как защитить сад от этого вредителя?
Later, in the fall collect and burn the leaves and dry branches. To dig the soil under the trees to a depth of 15 cm.

If you follow these farming techniques and time to carry out the processing of garden, you can significantly reduce the number of this pest.


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