How to make a cell with their hands

Many familiar electrolysis from a school bench. Then we were placed in the water, two electrodes under constant current and observed the process. Today, let’s go back to your childhood, but the scale will get bigger, and make the cell with his hands.

Как сделать электролизер своими руками

And, here’s what materials you have to use:

  • a sheet of stainless steel;
  • bolts M6 x 150. Washers and nuts.
  • transparent tube. For example, you can use a water level construction. The price of this hose is not
  • exceed 4.5 USD 10 m;
  • several fittings “Christmas tree”, the external diameter of which is 8 mm (to fit to the hose);
  • plastic container of 1.5 l (for example, which is packaged food);
  • a little filter cleaning with running water (such that is used for washing machines).
  • non-return valve for water.

Stainless steel what type should I use?

The ideal option is AISI 316L domestic analogue which is stainless steel 03KH16N15M3 (used: for the manufacture of welded structures, working in conditions of boiling phosphoric, sulphuric, acid).

Как сделать электролизер своими руками

Do not have to special order stainless steel, you can use some old piece out of the garage. The purchase of a sheet is an invoice transaction: sold as — 2 m2, and a number of us absolutely nowhere! Enough piece 50 by 50 cm

For some reason, are just stainless steel? Because the normal metal in the water will rust. In addition, to enhance the effect, we use no water, and lye that is already aggressive environment. In addition, in our electrolyte will be the transfer of electric current. For this reason, the life of a normal metal plates in such an environment will not last long.

Should make a layout about the way to get about 16 squares from smooth stainless steel. Sawing sheet can be produced using the grinder. The pieces should be cut one of the corners, then to produce the correct binding plates.

Как сделать электролизер своими руками

In opposite from the saw cut corner to drill a hole for a M6 bolt, which will be binding plates. In our electrolyzer is complete immersion of the plates into the water, enabling the entire area of the stainless steel plates.

Hydrogen generator, or electrolyzer operates as follows: when the electrolyte is flowing the electric current from the plate to the plate, there is a disintegration of water into hydrogen and oxygen. From this it follows that the desired positive and negative plates.

The larger area the plates have, the more currents will pass through the water, and the greater amount of gas will be formed. For this reason, the plus and minus will have multiple plates.

Как сделать электролизер своими руками

As you can see in the image, the connection of the plates to be alternately (+-+-+-+- etc.). In this connection scheme, the opportunity to provide the cell with his hands low supply voltage and fairly high current.

To insulate the adjacent plates from each other, use the tube from the water level. This cord is sold in multiples of meter, and this length will be enough in isolation.

For a start, the level is cut a little ring, which later is cut. Gets kind of stripe, about 1 mm thick. This is the distance between the plates is the most efficient generation of gas in the cell.

Как сделать электролизер своими руками

The binding plates is performed by means of washers. This is done thus: take the bolt, which is placed on the washer, then the plate, then another three goals, then another plate etc. Should be spread in the mirror about 8 plates on plus 8 records and minus. If done properly, the Assembly, the cut edges of the plates will not touch the electrodes.

Now you need to perform the tightness of the screws and insulation plates. The plate should “call back” to ensure there is no short circuit, then, the entire structure is placed in a plastic box.

After this, you should determine which place is the touch of the bolts and the walls of the box, and drill the two holes. If the bolts do not fit in the tank, they must be cut with a hacksaw or grinder. After that, the bolts should be tightened with washers and nuts, so to protect the integrity. Now drill the lid of the plastic box insert fitting. To ensure integrity, you should perform the spreading of the seam with silicone sealant.

Как сделать электролизер своими руками

When the electrolyzer is assembled, should be tested. To do this, you need to connect the device to the power source, fill it with water up to the mounting bolts, put on the lid, connect to the fitting up and lower the opposite end into a container filled with water. At low current the tube will not be releasing the gas explicitly, but the gas in the inside of the cell will be visible!

Now, we will increase the amount of gas on the way out. This should increase the current passing through the electrolyte. From water it turns out is a poor conductor of electricity because the flow of current in the water is due to salts and impurities. For the manufacture of this electrolyte, the water must be added to the alkali. For these purposes we will use the sodium hydroxide. It is available on the shelves of any hardware store, in the composition of the cleaning agent “Mole”.

Как сделать электролизер своими руками

Protective functions of valve and filter from the machine are to prevent excessive accumulation of gas which might lead to unpleasant consequences.

Well, that’s all you need to know to make the cell with his hands. Good luck with experiments!

Video cell with their hands


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