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Often the villains earn more points in the Treasury than the good characters. As a rule, their characters are revealed more fully, and they bribe the fact that for them there are no prohibitions that prevent us in ordinary life.

“Bad guys” know the basics of black magic, able without regret to kill any enemy with ease and control entire kingdoms. And their passionate desires that they come what may want to do so close any one of us who hasn’t thought about eternal youth or to charm a Prince? And witches do not deny yourself the desire to play around with bright makeup and wear lush dresses, embroidered with precious stones. Perhaps that is why they are the most important beauty of cinema.

Poster of the film “Maleficent” with Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie in the role of the witch Maleficent, “Maleficent”, 2014

About “Maleficent” started talking a year before release, constantly teasing the audience with photos from the filming of new trailers, a makeup collection for M. A. C. on the picture. But the main trendsetter of the painting is, of course, the Angelina Jolie, which, like a real witch, took the reins into their own hands. She decided to participate actively in the life of the heroine and came up with the makeup and costumes, making them more eerie and gloomy than expected by the writers. Angelina is so much accustomed to the role that seriously scared the kids who were on the set. It seems that the actress has seriously intended to reveal the inner world and tell the story of the emotional experiences of his character, because for the first time in the history of the Sleeping Beauty character is not a little vicious girl and not her Prince, and the witch who takes revenge on those who attacked her Kingdom.

Angelina Jolie.

“We were not instructed to alter the character of Maleficent. Instead, we talked about those traits that you were not even aware. After all, every story has two sides. And our just shows this other side. As they say, once you go into the darkness to see the light of day again would be extremely difficult,” says project Director Robert Stromberg magazine Entertainment.

The way Jolie has called one of the most spectacular in modern cinema: what is the red lipstick and high cheekbones, coupled with the alabaster face.

“It’s funny to hear when people tell me that I was perfectly suited to the role of the villain. But I really loved Maleficent when I was little. I was afraid of her, but this sorceress, however, attracted me… But what is interesting: how I imagine her, and how it represent all the others, really not what she really is”, — confessed to after Robert and Angelina.

Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna, “snow white and the huntsman”, 2012

“Actually, I like yelling at people during the filming. I often did, that tore the abdominal muscle, whose existence I never knew,” Charlize joked during an interview for MTV American.

Charlize Theron in the image of Ravenna.

In the movie “snow white and the huntsman,” Charlize had as many as 20 toilets, some of which appeared in the frame for a few seconds, and was created during long weeks. On the concept of each dress Ravenna personifies death, which carries the heroine herself. So, married the father of the future Queen of Snow white coming out in a white dress with pleats in the form of blades and with a collar in the form of small bones (in fact, these elements are made of a parchment). Despite the implication, the outfit turned out magnificent and spectacular, so most liked most Charlize.

Charlize Theron in the image of Ravenna.

The crown of Ravenna, is composed of sharp angles and cold metal — more than repulsive spectacle. But the main Queen’s costume — black cloak of the rooster feathers, in which the sorceress can transform into a flock of ravens.

Charlize Theron in the image of Ravenna.

“I’ve always believed that any hero can’t be completely bad. Most importantly — what you, as an actor, focus. I’m trying to understand the motivation of all actions of my character, no matter good or evil deeds,” — shared his experience with fans Charlize during an online conference before the premiere.

Charlize Theron in the image of Ravenna.

Julia Roberts in the role of Queen Clementine, “Snow white: Revenge of gnomes”, 2012

Serious competition Charlize Theron was Julia Roberts who was a rival to snow white (played by Lily Collins) in the same year. However, the actress immediately put between the two pictures with a similar plot distinction: they were shot for different audiences and created completely different characters. Indeed, even the trailers are different: gloomy Ravenna with her love of outfits with the bones opposed to capricious Clementine in cheerful bright dresses. The Creator of the wardrobe for Julia was the owner of “Oscar” designer Eiko Ishioka (his cherished statuette she won for the costumes for the film “Dracula” by Bram Stoker). Almost all the dresses of Clementine assumed a narrow corset and weighed under 30 pounds, which is extremely confused Julia, who in everyday life prefer very simple clothing. However, these toilets are made with a light stitching of irony. So, in the ball scene, Eiko rewards each character’s outfit, personifying the bird (snow white gets dress of the Swan), and Clementine gets red outfit with feathers, which the film is directed by Tarsem Singh called the cock.

Julia Roberts.

“It was funny to play Clementine because I did not have a specific prototype, so I could do anything… won’t name names, but to transform into the evil Queen I helped a couple of people I know closer than I would like” — confessed in an interview with star magazine Entertainment.

Jessica Lange in the role of the Supreme witch Fiona Goode, the third season of “American horror story”, 2013-2014

You were the heroine of Julia Roberts in order to stay young and beautiful: squeeze into narrow corsets, use cosmetics with insects and built the machinations of his younger stepdaughter. And Jessica Lange, it seems, prefers to be an icon beyond time. Her dark character in the third season of “American horror story” is incredibly sexy in a pencil skirt and heels, which, of course, is trying to regain his youth. However, lang managed to show on the screen is not the decadence of old age, sexuality women over 60.

Jessica Lange.

“I had to taste that I had 13 episodes to explore the character, i.e., 12 hours instead of two, which usually gives a movie… In the story we are constantly moved in time, and it is possible to learn about the dark past of my character, and then see what she became in the present,” Jessica told the magazine Interview.

Lena heady as Queen Cersei Lannister, the TV series “Game of thrones”, 2011-2016

Long brown hair, slender figure, big blue eyes fantasy heroine Cersei Lannister, as we were taught in childhood, is not a guarantee of the angelic nature and a friendly smile. For Queen Cersei is no stranger to betrayal, cunning and cruelty. Everything is connected with the atmosphere, which raises the Queen: the incessant wars, the daily risk of being killed and deceived many heroes are forced to believe that violence is the cardinal virtue. And after her husband’s death, Cersei becomes the sole ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and guardian of three children. In addition, it, as any woman, regardless of time and status, concerned men. At the age of 19 she was married to the powerful king Robert Baratheon, whom she never could love. While Cersei is forced to conceal criminal feel to my twin brother Jaime.

Lena Heady.

“I think Cersei was so terrified. She falls asleep with fear in his heart. It is surrounded by terror, paranoia and danger. And she tries to remain calm. She moves a little. She’s like a Cobra that waits,” says Elena about her cold-blooded character.

Eva green in the role of the witch Angelique Bouchard, in “Dark shadows”, 2012

Sometimes the transformation in a necessary evil a lot of dresses and props, but there are times when new hair color — more than enough reason to become a witch. Such a technique was used by Eva green, which we have since “Dreamers” have used to see burning brunette. For “Dark shadows” Eva brightened, thus returning to its natural hue.

Eva Green.

“Actually, I’m naturally dark blonde. When I was 14, I first dyed her hair blue, and then became a brunette. I thought this color is more suited to the tone of my face. And I don’t think I’ll change until this does not require a script,” tells the story of his reincarnations of eve, a British newspaper Metro.

Classical trio platinum hair dekolirovaniya red dress and scarlet lipstick can become a deadly weapon against any man, but the hero johnny Depp somehow manages to resist the captivating beauty of Angelica. So loving witch makes her frustrated boyfriend into a vampire and buries alive a few centuries to think about their behavior. Her longing to be near the beloved mixed with flashes of anger, during which she again and again tries to kill the hapless vampire.

“Angelica a little wild and crazy, but, you know, it’s just called love” — it protects his heroine eve, talking about “Dark shadows” in an interview with British newspaper the Telegraph.

Tilda Swinton in the role of the White Witch, the cycle “Chronicles of Narnia”, 2005-2014

Tilda Swinton androgynous due to the unusual appearance open the door to any tale. In the collection of stories “Chronicles of Narnia” based on the eponymous book by Clive Staples Lewis, the actress played the White Witch, the strength of which to unleash an eternal winter on the Kingdom. Its main objective is to seize power in Narnia and to sow fear and cold.

Tilda Swinton.

First, the role of the White Witch was offered to Michelle Pfeiffer but she refused from the picture for personal reasons. But is it possible now looking at a Tilde, to represent someone else in the role of this cruel Amazons?

Unlike the witches in the performance of Eva green, Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie Jadis does not emphasize your beauty with cleavage and red lipstick. In her makeup bag are bright shade (yellow and orange) and in the closet to hang long coats all winter months. Moreover, in the book Jadis is described as a giantess with a long MOP of black hair (and so was the heroine of the previous film adaptations). However, the Tilde and then made their adjustments, leaving your heroine has blonde hair, braided into dreadlocks. Five Tildes outfits created by costume designer ISIS Mussenden. It was she who came up with the ice crown for the ward and each suit was made to resemble a piece of ice with silk, lace, metal threads and organza.

The inspiration was the autumn-winter collection of Alexander McQueen 2004, which included a long multi-layered slim gown with a “loose” texture of the fabric. In recognition of the Tilde, her outfits in the film are reminiscent of the waterfall, and the witch seems to be made of smoke or ice.

In the plot, the Witch loses strength and her outfits are getting shorter, and fancy crown begins to melt. White coats are replaced by blue, and then the heroine and did have to put on the armor — her feminine becomes brutal, because she is forced to fight for their power.

Monica Bellucci as Mirror Queen, “the Brothers Grimm”, 2005

Another witch, dreaming of eternal youth, and Mirror Queen in the performance of Monica Bellucci. And if the previous kinogeroy was a figment of the imagination of writers and storytellers, Monica turned into a real character — the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory who killed virgins, as they believed that their blood helped her become younger. The actions of Elizabeth and remained unpunished. When, six years after the initial atrocities, the parents of the missing daughters tried to arrange a lynching, the Countess hid in the dungeon of his castle until his death. These tragic details, even entered the Guinness Book of records: Elizabeth topped the list of mass murderers of women in history.

Monica Bellucci.

Daryl Hannah in the role of Ellie Driver, “Kill bill — 1, 2”, 2003-2004

To cause the admiration of men, not necessarily to brew potions and learn spells. Enough nurse gown. It was the episode with the red mouth, the blonde in the image of the health worker, who entered the hospital to bring the poison to the Bride, became one of the most popular episodes of the first part “Kill bill”. The bride is positive the heroine, by the way, plays Uma Thurman, but it was a place in our list of bad girls, but more on that later.

Another distinctive feature of killer Ellie group “Deadly vipers” becomes an eye patch, a symbol of the explosive and uncompromising nature, because it is for your poignant words addressed to teachers of martial arts she was so severely punished.

Daryl Hannah.

Another sexy scene — battle of the heroines are uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah. Girl fights always attract men, especially if the forces of opponents are equal. The only thing that saves Beatrice at the crucial moment — savvy. It deprives his opponent of the second eye and leaves in a sad company with a deadly snake.

Uma Thurman and Daryl Hannah.

Tarantino admits that the inspiration for the creation of an image of Ellie became Swedish Thriller 1974 “Thriller: a Cruel film” one-eyed about a young girl who with a shotgun ready to shoot those who had taken from her privileged childhood, giving in to sexual slavery.

Uma Thurman in the role of poison Ivy, “Batman and Robin”, 1997

In the comics (as well as in children’s fairy tales) the image of negative characters rarely came out beautiful. The scar on the face, slurred clothes from the trash bag or the oversized coat, hooks instead of hands. However to disfigure the girls, even surly, artists are not always resolved. Among the dangerous beauties — the heroine of uma Thurman from the Batman comics, with colorful makeup, long red hair and in a tight green suit. The actress played the lab employee who as a result of poisoning becomes immune to all poisons, viruses and bacteria and selects a preferred nickname — poison Ivy. But what is more valuable, and now her form and kiss is able to bewitch any man that happens to weak-willed Robin, partner of Batman. Poison Ivy longs for the Apocalypse with unlimited power plants.

Uma Thurman.

“The nature of most of the evil characters is that they are very contradictory. Initially they have good intentions, but then their bad traits come to the fore and make them obsessed. Pamela is very unsure of herself, all she does is work and poison Ivy, by contrast, is cool and knows his worth. These characters give endless opportunities, why they are so attractive,” said Uma Thurman after the film’s release.

For 90 years, the poison Ivy was not just another passing bitchy hottie from blockbuster, she embodied the independent and strong woman, who became one of the favorite movie image of feminists. With no chance to win not only another superhero — Batgirl. But men caught under the spell of Pamela, was unable to cope with the passion that engulfed them.

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