Cut or twist?

Срезать или выкручивать?

The theme of the post — eternal debate of pickers on how to pick mushrooms is to cut or twist.

Photo: the pine Boletus, Leccinum vulpinum. 26.08.2018 G., p. Yënskiy, Murmansk region

Срезать или выкручивать?

Срезать или выкручивать?

Fans of both the collection method in approximately equal numbers and they are beaten to death. Some say that if you cut, the remaining stump will begin to rot and contaminate the mycelium will rot. Others say that if you Unscrew the mushroom is removed from the earth with a piece of mushroom and it causes irreparable damage to nature.

On the photo: Boletus dark brown, Boletus protected species. 01.09.2018 G., p. Yënskiy, Murmansk region

Срезать или выкручивать?

Both the allegation has no basis.

If the remaining stump will rot the mycelium will thank you for the lovely Breakfast she just ate, rotten, it is rotten to the core.

Damage twisting the mushroom does not cause virtually no imagine a huge giant wall of a house infected with the fungus (mycelium and others extend for miles) and here you come and krupnoi the wall with a nail, splits microscopic. Think they will die all the mycelium? If it dies from this damage, it would mean that you have superpowers and you’re hired for a lot of money to any housing, as a doctor of the old houses.

Photo: Gorbushka, Lactarius rufus. Zasolochny mushroom. Murmansk region, city of Kovdor, 02.09.2018 G.

Срезать или выкручивать?

In General, the mycelium do not care how you collect the mushrooms, only if you twist you are pulling a square meter of litter, and twisting gently, covering with turf formed a hole.

So the mlechnikov — cut, because they have fragile legs, and spongy twist.

On the photo: womanishly Lactarius, Lactarius aquizonatus Murmanskaya obl., Kovdor. 29.08.2018 G.

Срезать или выкручивать?

And the picture below demonstrates why. This luxurious copy of the boletus was sticking out of moss just a hat, and if I cut it off — would not know what the giant foot goes deep into the moss. And this happens quite often, when the underground part of the fungus exceeds your expectations.

On the photo: orange-cap Boletus yellow-brown, Leccinum versipelle. 2016 Kovdor, Murmansk region.

Срезать или выкручивать?

Mycologist Kim Potapov came up with a figurative description of the situation, which I really like:

“Imagine that the mycelium is the tree, and the fruit of the body is the apples. Apple still collect apples cut, remove from the branches, or tear, the main thing is not to break branches. Similarly the mycelium no difference how you collect mushrooms, collect as you prefer”.

On the photo: real Suillus, suillus luteus, Suillus luteus. Murmanskaya obl., Kovdor. 02.09.2018 G.

Срезать или выкручивать?

And another, from the group “mushroom planet” (which are the mycologists of St. Petersburg and activists-pickers, members of the Saint Petersburg Mycological Society) in the VC:

“The spores of the mushroom is still going on, although in the last century the famous Russian mycologist B. P. Vasil’kov proved that in a natural ecosystem, mushrooms have a “immunity” and the method of collection does not affect the health of the mycelium. Therefore, cut, break, twist — do as it suits you! But don’t forget about caring not to break the litter and moss cover in search of the kids, the mycelium will not be harmed if you will not plow the soil in the growth of the treasured mushrooms.”


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