Calculate cement for 1 cubic meter of concrete

Every person that has ever tried to do the construction it is known that the proportions of cement there are often problems. If the wrong batch, you will get a low-quality mass that will crumble when dry. How much cement for 1 cubic meter of concrete, depending on the grade of concrete we describe below.

To mix the concrete for the Foundation, you should use the ratio of cement, sand and gravel in proportions of 1:3:5.

Расчет цемента на 1 куб бетона

You should consider what properties and what grade of concrete you need. These numbers depend on the quantitative ratio of the components on the cube of concrete:

  • in cement – indicators of weight, activity, start and end of setting;
  • in concrete – the indicators bulk density, strength, mobility, dehydration, water resistance;
  • in the sand – figures of voidness, size, weight, volume, humidity, and the content of such components as clay and organic matter;
  • in the rubble – indicators of weight, emptiness, strength, moisture, contamination, contents of components such as plate and hlavaty grain.

If the concrete solution is mixed correctly, the result will be quality mass, and when it hardens, it will not crumble at the slightest external influences.

What are the rules to calculate the cement

If the solution contains a small amount of cement, the concrete is movable. The reason for this is that when mixing the solution, the calculating the amount of such a material as the curing agent, can be mistaken only for 1 kg, and counting the gravel can be wrong by 5 kg. This means that if you add the hardener in small amounts it can not cope with the retention of the filler and binder.

Simply put, when there will be the drying of the solution, such phenomena as rain, frost and heat will destroy it during the season. A concrete solution is used not only for making tracks, but in the construction of walls, for this reason, it is better to add 1 kg more, rather than less.

Расчет цемента на 1 куб бетона

To find out how much cement for 1 cube of concrete is a mandatory condition of a given brand of cement, for the reason that the value of its brand should be half higher than the grade of solution required. Enough for the Foundation of grade M-200, to fill the walls fits M-300.


The application of concrete and mortar depends on the places where it will be used: in the walls, in piles, in foundations, walkways, bridges, production elements such as the monolithic walls and ceilings, in the manufacture of blocks, in armopoyasu, beams, columns, etc. Each type use corresponds to a certain brand. For this reason, to determine what brand of solution and in what quantity will be used, you need, before you start calculations.

The mixing of the concrete mix is made of nine parts. It will contain 1 part cement, 3 parts sand and 5 parts of the filler, i.e., rubble. Experienced builders that prepare the concrete, there is the habit of measuring the component parts (buckets). You can follow their example.

For example, 1:2 means that 1 bucket of cement M-400 to mix 2 buckets of sand, and if you have a cement M-600 that is mixed with sand in proportion 1:3.

How much bags of cement for 1 cube concrete

Purchase of construction material is best to carry out bags, Packed in 50 kg. It will help you in your calculations. For example, for making concrete of marks M100, you will need 166 kg or 3 bags and 16 kg.

Расчет цемента на 1 куб бетона

Use the bags as a kind of tester is a profitable and convenient solution. For example, some builders of a manufacturing solution is based on the following principle: cement (grade M400) – 1bag, crushed – 5 bags and sand 3 bags. The result of this mix is concrete of high quality (grade 300).

Cement is consumed in 1 cube of concrete as follows:

  • cement M-450 – 469 kg;
  • cement M-400 – 417 kg;
  • cement M-300 – 319 kg;
  • cement M-250 – 300 kg;
  • cement M-200 – 241 kg;
  • cement M-150 – 205 kg;
  • cement M-100 – 166 kg.

Making concrete solution, as a binder, often use cement M-400. If you use a low mark, you need to take more cement. For example, if you apply a stamp M-300 cement should be increased in volume by 30%.

Calculation of water for concrete

When the concrete mixture is made, use only clean water, which should not be exposed to oil and other extraneous elements. A preliminary calculation of the required amount of water is a complex task, as indicators of moisture content in sand, gravel, and blagodarnosti in cement play a huge role. The amount of water will be revealed when the concrete mix will be prepared. For concrete of medium plasticity, which has particles of crushed stone, you need 205 l of water.

Расчет цемента на 1 куб бетона

Here’s the plasticity of the concrete needs to happen to fill the basement the best option.

To produce high quality concrete, it is necessary to use only clean sand and gravel, and fresh cement. It is better to carry out rinsing of the gravel and thoroughly screened sand with a sieve, the cells of which do not exceed 1×1 cm If possible, then rinse well.

Video — calculate cement for 1 cubic meter of concrete

On this finish. Now, you know how much cement for 1 cubic meter of concrete. Successful construction!


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