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Startup, Casa introduced a bitcoin wallet for beginners

The new York startup Casa develops solutions for securely storing bitcoins for long-term investors (the”hollero”). Now the company aims to attract a broader audience with his new betoken wallet Wallet Casa.

Access to the purse is through the app Keymaster Casa, which is available on iOS and Android.

“Our premium customers are often asked to recommend a wallet that they would be safe could recommend to my family and friends,” wrote Michael Hayley’s blog Casa. “We realized that the market the simplest solution is the custodian of the purse, but we wanted to keep one of the basic principles of bitcoin ― full control over your money, so we decided to develop the wallet directly in our application, Keymaster”.

By default, the wallet is configured “no sid” ― the application creates a key on the smartphone, and then distributes it back up between Casa and cloud services on the smartphone (Apple or Google). Thus, users are not responsible for recording and storing sid ― mnemonic phrase, which is necessary to restore bitcoin wallet. “Users don’t need to worry about safe storage of SIDA on paper that represents one of the biggest challenges for beginners in bitcoins,” reads the blog.

Although Casa Wallet there are no restrictions on storing bitcoins, the startup recommends long term storage of big amounts of your premium service. Casa plans in the coming months to add to the purse a few extra features, and prepare safety instructions for beginners.

“We are pleased to present a free and simple bitcoin wallet that anyone can use,” said Nick Neumann, General Director of Casa. “More and more people see bitcoin long-term investment, but they may not know how to safely store your coins, so we decided to release this wallet for beginners”.


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