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Analysts predict a second wave of the crisis. What will happen to bitcoin?

Despite the fact that the pandemic coronavirus led to chaos in the global economy, Morgan Stanley analysts see signs of recovery and overcoming the financial crisis. At the same time, they warn about the possibility of the second wave of the pandemic.

The Bank predicts that the GDP decline will continue in the second quarter, but by 2021, global growth will reach 3%.

Experts at Morgan Stanley think that the volume of production in the world markets will return to dokrizisnomu level in the fourth quarter, but a slow opening of the economy will improve positive trends.

These forecasts can be adjusted in the second wave of Covid-19, which experts expected in the autumn. They point out that the difficult situation in the global economy will last at least two years. In a negative scenario of development of events may be repeated during the March fall of the stock market, when bitcoin lost 50% after the securities. Rapid decline the first cryptocurrency once again confirmed its correlation with stock markets, that is, in the case of the recovery of the stock markets and you can expect growth of the cryptocurrency.

In the period before the investors is the question of store of value and selection of the most reliable assets.

However, the interest in cryptanalytical alternative store of value continues to increase due to monetary policy States. According to the service in the top 10 of countries with high interest are Kenya, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Nigeria, North Africa, Argentina, Germany, Morocco and Poland.

Aldonaj more interested in Russia and Ukraine.

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