To avoid the second wave of the coronavirus will help Pendelton and paternoster

In our dictionary if you wish, you can find a lot of catchy words, the value of which is not clear. Some of the objects that they identified in the current situation could be a serious tool for protection from threatening us in the long term “the second coming” coronavirus epidemic.

Избежать второй волны коронавируса помогут пендельтюр и патерностер

Agree, sounds very interesting: Pendelton, paternoster, pipemaster. And absolutely mysterious.

This is actually the name realnyh technical inventions, which for a long time.

Deciphering this “riddle” helped to make the engineer Vyacheslav Trifanov, many years dealing with the history of technology. He explained how these meaningful objects can help us in the fight against the proliferation and even the re-emergence of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

To contact this specialist caused the accident. In one of the old papers, my eyes caught on an unusual word: Pendelton. The transcript was surprised – it turns out it’s just a door that can be opened, in the one and in the other direction. So it turns out that we, Muscovites, almost every day such inteliture use!

– …Well, of course – confirmed Trifanov. – If you take the classical definition, Pendelton is mounted to a vertical hinged door which can open in both side with simple pressure on it, and then itself returns to its original position under the action of buzinnogo mechanism. The name is derived from two German words: pendel pendulum, tür – the door. That is the door panel which is able to sway back and forth like a pendulum. I think that the first Pendelton designed for American pubs in the Wild West. Not to fix is constantly a regular cabin door, which was kicked too impatient or excited alcohol the visitors, they began to replace these “doors-pendulums”: they can be without problems and breakdowns to plow the simple push of hands or feet and entering the room and leaving him.

In Moscow the expense pengaturan goes to many thousands. Such door constructions are installed at the entrances to many stores, and, most importantly, in the metro stations.

Now, in connection with the spread of dangerous epidemics, the use of pengaturan instead of the usual doors has acquired additional importance. After “pendulum” door man to open up without touching them with your fingers and palms of the hands. This helps to prevent the transfer of dangerous viruses.

But except for the doors, “hiding” for so little familiar to us by name – continued Trifanov was created and other technical devices with a strange “names” whose presence in the current “crown-dangerous” days would be very useful. You are not forgotten, hope, warning, health officers, repeatedly stated in recent times: is among the most polluted places, where we can pick up the infection in urban areas, – door handles and Elevator buttons. About the doors we already have. To reduce the risk of transmitting infection through the touch of their pens will help maximum utilization of Pendelton – of course, where possible and appropriate operating conditions (it is unlikely that even the most “clingy” infection will make us the front door of houses and apartments to make a “pendulum”).

Now to the elevators. At the time, were widely distributed, especially in public buildings, passenger hoists is without any buttons. – With the exception of the emergency stop button. The name of this lift also sounds very colorful and unusual: the paternoster.

But what about the passenger could use it to get to the floor?

– Elevator-paternoster is, in essence, the pipeline. You can use analogie with the escalator in the subway: this is a continuous procession moving along a sloping corridor trolleys-steps, is enclosed in a ring “necklace”. Here is the paternoster is a structure with many separate cabins, by hinges attached to one another and forming a closed chain. One vertical branch of the Elevator-conveyor moves upwards and the other in a nearby mine, and down. The doors of the booths there. Passengers enter and exit on the desired floors on the go. So no touching potentially contaminated surfaces! In addition, the paternoster cabins are small – as a rule, for two. And in terms of the epidemic can be provided in a single use of each of them.

– Is it not dangerous that’s on the move to jump in the booth and shoot out of it?

– The designers took care. Paternoster lifts are quite slow: their speed is about 0.3 m per second. That is, the ascent to each floor takes 10-20 seconds. At this speed no agility for the landing is not necessary. Although there are… you Know, for example, that once, many years ago, the famous artist Arkady Raikin’s leg was injured when using a paternoster.

In fact, it is their potential and the trauma became the reason of mass refusal from the use of the paternoster, since the second half of the last century. With the increase of the number of floors of buildings being slow these elevators became more and more noticeable red. And increased speed could increase the number of injuries. So today in Moscow, as far as I know, the paternoster survived only a few constructivist buildings built in 1920s-1930s In the former buildings of the Central Union, and of Gostorg, Myasnitskaya street, in the building of the Ministry of agriculture on the Garden ring…

– And why such a strange name?

– Translated from the Latin Рater noster – the Lord’s prayer, that is, in our way, “our father.” According to the Church rules has long been accepted in reading this prayer to touch the hands a rosary. And because they represent a set of individual elements are strung on a closed thread. In fact, it is very similar to the design of Elevator is the paternoster…

At the end of our conversation Vyacheslav smiled.

– Want to complement you collection of “gadgets” with loud, unintelligible names another instance? – And that, in principle, can also be very useful in the current epidemic situation, when we are advised strongly to take care of hygiene and cleanliness in the premises.

So when cleaning the apartment to deal with the dust in the most secluded corners can be useful pipemaster…

– ???

– This fixture is a must have seen, and someone, and maybe they enjoyed in life, not knowing such an extraordinary name.

Pipemaster (sometimes sounds a little modified variant: pipemaster), this oblong Metalock-spiked with long, thin fibers made of polypropylene, which is convenient and safe to clean the dust off the statues, vases, curly brackets and other inaccessible and rough places in the home interior. The first such household fixtures were made by the Chinese, and now these Metalock has spread in many countries of the world.

Such a provocative-sounding Russian name came when connecting the abbreviated designation of the material – polypropylen PP (in English sounds “PI-PI”) and the word duster – a device for erasing the dust.


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