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Transaction ETH with unusually high commissions were carried out by hackers

Cryptanalysts Peckshield identified sender record fee in Ethereum.

Over the past few days we have had two ETH transaction, the total amount of commissions which amounted to $5.2 million: the customer has paid $ 2.6 million for sending ETH 134 USD. A few hours later with the same ETH ETH purse listed for 8600 dollars for exactly the same Commission.

Still the transaction was explained as an error in filling in the forms send, money laundering or tax evasion.

However, the Chinese cryptanalytic company Peckshield claims that an unusually high fee for the transfer Aldona is the result of “attacks by hackers” and the victim is a small P2P exchange in South Korea called Good Cycle, which is similar to a Ponzi scheme.

Transaction ETH with unusually high commissions were carried out by hackers

The researchers explain that the hackers gained access to the funds and the exchange server with the help of phishing, giving them the opportunity to send money to the addresses of trusted purses in the database platforms, but not on their own.

Configuring multi-signature security platform did not allow the thieves to carry out transactions on their own accounts, but there was a loophole that allowed them to execute transactions at locations that require a single authorization.

They sent a very small amount to unreasonably high fee for the transaction, threatening to squander all funds, if you do not receive your money.

According to the report, the hackers still have access to 21 000 ETH ($5 million), and “if the exchange did not pay a certain ransom directly to them, hackers will spend money platforms in the future.”

This controversial version of the hackers ransomware does not support all. However, for a refund of the fee to pools so no one asked. SparkPool and Pool Ethermine decided to distribute unclaimed money to the miners confirming the transaction after a week of waiting.

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