The woman fully recovered from coronavirus, but after 4 months got sick again

4 months ago Meredith McKee from Texas contracted the coronavirus, but fully recovered. Imagine the surprise when a woman a few days ago the tests showed that she is sick again COVID-19.

Until recently, Meredith was surethat defeated the virus once and for all. According to the tests, her body has developed antibodies and, therefore, appeared immune to COVID-19. McKee was relieved to return to a normal life, but last week everything changed.

On Friday the woman was taken to the hospital with complaints of headache and elevated blood pressure. Test for coronavirus showed that it was infected again.

Doctors believe the virus can stay in the body all that time until recently, while in a passive state. According to Dr. William Shaffner from Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the case of Meredith — a clear proof of how long COVID-19 may require time to completely leave the body.

“Of course, he emphasizes — it does not mean that you have something wrong, or that you are contagious.”

As Mackie admits, it is still difficult to accept the idea that she could have unknowingly become a carrier of the COVID-19.

“I am absolutely devastated”, — says the woman.


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