Cherry fruit fly. How to protect a garden from this pest

Вишнёвая муха. Как защитить сад от этого вредителя

When cherry blossoms, it is expected a good harvest of sweet and sour berries. This harvest also claims cherry fruit fly. Looks like this pest.
This little fly with a body length 3-5 mm, with yellowish legs and black breast crawls out of the ground to damage the cherries. The flight of this pest starts in mid-may. Life expectancy is only one month. During this time, can destroy 80-90% of the crop. A special activity is manifested at temperatures above 18C, with lower temperatures (15C and below), the activity is reduced.

Вишнёвая муха. Как защитить сад от этого вредителя
For effective struggle with this enemy, you must know his face.

The life cycle of the cherry fly

  • Imago. Of monocone there is a fly. The first 4-5 days only males and then females. They begin to actively feed on the gum trees, the juice of the leaves and fruits. This period lasts for 12-16 days. Mating male and female members. And in warm Sunny weather there is an egg-laying flies. One fly can lay up to 150 eggs.
  • Egg. Development of embryos in the European cherry fruit fly 6-10 days.
  • Larva. The next stage of development of the European cherry fruit fly. After hatching the larva begins feeding on flesh. She eats the seeds, because affected fruits are easy to pluck from the tree. Berries falling to the ground, facilitate the transition from the larva to the next stage.
  • Doll. The larva fell to the ground, quickly subuniverse to a depth of 2-5 cm around itself, it forms Lonoke. Its formation ends in 5-6 days. In this condition cherry fruit fly will spend the winter.
  • Imago. The cycle is closed. In the spring when the temperature of the soil to 10C, at a depth of 2-5 cm from loncon appears again formed fly.

Ways of dealing

The fight must begin before the departure of the pest. When the soil in the garden will start to freeze a little, to be loosening around the tree to a depth of 5 cm (the bulk of the larvae pupate directly beneath the cherry). Frost pupae will die, which will reduce the number of pests next year.
Spraying to be carried out during mass flight of the pest. How to determine this time. Used yellow adhesive traps. Caught a lot of pests it is time to carry out the treatment. An important role plays the temperature. At temperatures below 15C or during warm, cloudy weather – years is terminated.

Вишнёвая муха. Как защитить сад от этого вредителя
Treatment is with insecticides. Can be combined with the treatment of disease. Insecticides for the treatment of:

  • Fufanon-Nova;
  • Detox, KE;
  • Tsiperus, KE;
  • Malathion;
  • The spark-BIO;

On a Mature tree to spend 3 to 5 liters of solution.

10-15 days to do the second treatment because the insecticide does not protect for a whole month of summer flies. Drugs for treatment need to buy in a specialty store. Buying a counterfeit drug may result in the loss of the crop.

Harvest time. Do not throw in the ground spoiled fruit.

The observance of these techniques and the processing time of the trees helps to get a fine crop of juicy, tasty and useful berries.


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