Experts have suspected that something was wrong: the second wave of the coronavirus came to Beijing much earlier

Since China started a coronavirus, and there with him were able to quickly deal. However, it should be noted that winter and spring, the government of China has managed to keep the epidemic in the framework of Hubei province, not allowing the mass of cases of infection with coronavirus in the rest of the country. In Beijing for the time of the pandemic has infected at least 500 people. However, recently came the alarming news in the Chinese capital it 100. Moreover, the assurances of patients, they are not going out of town: so the coronavirus could “walk” to Beijing for some time. Experts suggest that the new cluster COVID in the capital could occur in the spring.

Специалисты заподозрили неладное: вторая волна коронавируса пришла в Пекин гораздо раньше

A few weeks ago, it seemed that in most part of Beijing life returned to normal. Restaurants welcomed visitors, get people back to work, re-open schools. The pandemic seemed like a closed Chapter.

Therefore, in the country there was a shock when Beijing announced the first 55 days the case of infection by the coronavirus in the country. Ill was 52-year-old man surnamed tan, did not leave Beijing more than two weeks and had no contact with anyone outside the city. It could only mean one thing – somewhere in the capital there are people who get sick with coronavirus, and nothing is known about them to the authorities.

The Chinese authorities have been looking for those who have the disease. They soon discovered a few dozen cases. Basically, all these cases were associated with the market, “Sinhali” in the South-East of Beijing.

However, the government is trying to quickly react to the threat and to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Two days after the first infection in some areas of Beijing were re-introduced strict measures to prevent a second wave of infection.

At the moment the number of cases of infection with coronavirus in Beijing remains small for a city with a population of 22 million people. But the authorities don’t want to risk it: Wednesday was cancelled 1200 flights in two of the Beijing airport. School closed again – just a month after opening. Ever since it was announced the first case of infection, has been tested more than 3.5 million people.

In Beijing, authorities on Thursday ordered the closure of all hotels and restaurants in areas of high risk. While officials say that Beijing is not blocked, but encouraged all residents possibly nowhere to go and not to meet without having, on its part, pledging to ensure the uninterrupted supply of food.

As stated on Thursday, the chief epidemiologist of the Chinese center for prevention and control of diseases in Tsungu, the epidemic situation in Beijing is under control, and the number of new TB cases is expected to decline over the next few days. Thus, according to Tsungu, although in the capital register every day new confirmed cases COVID-19, does not mean that all cases is a new infected.

However, the new cases in Beijing raises troubling questions. Moreover, these issues are not only about how the virus could get on the market “Sinhali”, but about whether livestock or even fish carrying the virus. Chinese officials have suggested that the virus could circulate in the market since April. It is even more difficult case – in this situation it is very hard to track the moment when, in reality, began a new outbreak.

According to the Director of the Chinese center for control and disease prevention Gao Fu, a cluster of new cases of coronavirus in Beijing could occur a month earlier than expected, in part this could be due to asymptomatic infections.

Gao Fu believes that on the background of the stringent restrictions that prevent the spread of the Metropolitan cluster, which currently consists of more than 150 cases, a new outbreak occurred not at the beginning of June or end of may, but probably a month earlier, according to Chinese state media.

Although, in the opinion of Gao that the occurrence of new outbreaks partially could be associated with asymptomatic cases need further investigation.

The sad irony is the fact that a few weeks before the outbreak, Chinese officials spoke with pride about their success in containing the coronavirus, suggesting that China could become a role model for others. But new cases of infection in Beijing show that the situation can be much more fragile than it seems.

Perhaps the situation would have been worse if not for the vigilance of ordinary Chinese by the name of tan, who decided to go to the testing center, feeling only mild symptoms. It was his case became a signal for the authorities that the city starts a new outbreak. If he reacted to the disease as the common cold, the virus would continue to spread unnoticed by one of the largest cities in Asia. Perhaps it is the vigilance of ordinary Chinese men will save the world from a second wave of coronavirus.


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