To this family eight years comes to the squirrel

When the squirrel Bella was only four weeks, she was attacked by an owl. Protein was severely damaged, and in the wild she would not have survived. But, luckily, she found a group of wildlife rescue. So Bella came to the family of Harrison, which deals with the rehabilitation of animals.

Bella came to Brantley Harrison in October 2009 and remained in her family until spring. Bella grew up with three other squirrels — Larry, Mo and curly. Along with the other dogs she lived in a cage in the yard, eating fruits, vegetables and nuts. While Bella lived with Harrison, nothing unusual in her behavior was not, it was the same as other whites who were cared for by family.

“Her behavior was no different from the behavior of any other squirrels in my care. My main goal is to bring them back into the wild, so I never treat them as Pets,” said Brantley Harrison.

Spring Bella and three of her relatives was finally ready to return to the forest. During the week, all four proteins were successfully adapted in the wild, but Bella wasn’t ready to just say goodbye to the family that helped her.

“After her release, she began to come to us for treats. Other proteins are also returned several times, it is typical for them, but usually after a week they stop coming and closer to the people,” says Brantley.

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Sweet CID sits and waits at the door every day and waits for Bella to come visit. I always wonder what each of them are thinking as they look at each other. I bet Bella wishes CID spoke squirrel, and CID wishes Bella spoke sign language. We rescued/fostered CID about 4 years ago and fell in love with him, so he was a full member of the family from day one. He was found roaming the streets and was very near death by starvation. We brought him home and soon figured out he was deaf. He is not the first deaf dog we have had, so we knew we needed to teach him sign language ,which he picked up very quickly. Now he is spoiled rotten and does not look like he misses any meals. #bellathesquirrel

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Almost eight years have passed since then, as Bella released into the wild, but it almost every day, returned to the family who saved her. She comes to the door of the house and waits until someone will pay attention to it. Like a real pet, she sits on her knees and eats with hands.

Bella has become a real member of the family of Harrison. A few years ago, a squirrel and she got a family. Bella injured her paw, and that paw is healed, Brantley again put Bella in the cage where she underwent rehabilitation. Bella was ready to return to the wild, but one day gave birth to three tiny squirrels, thus forcing Harrison to take care of her children, until they become old enough to be released.

“It’s been incredible to watch as the little girl I raised, raise their kids,” said Brantley.

Bella even has its own instagram account, which was signed almost seven thousand people.

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Sweet sweet baby sounds!!!

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