Spacious outdoor shower at the cottage: from the remnants of building materials

Просторный летний душ на дачу: из остатков стройматериалов

The remains of building materials, which almost always remain after the construction of houses, baths, fence, can be used for another project — the construction of a summer shower.

In this case, the core materials are shaped pipes and boards. You will also need a water tank and the showerhead.

First determined the location of a summer shower. Then dig six holes 40×40 cm and a depth of two feet.

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Manufacturing and installation metal frame

The wells installed in racks of a skeleton — shaped tube 60×40 mm (height 2.5 m), and then concreted.

To the bottom of the posts, which will be located directly under the hole can be welded perpendicular to the piece of area. For reliability.

Then obvalivat frame: top perimeter weld proftable in the lower part at the right distance from earth welded corners — the Foundation for the floor.

The length of the metal frame is 3 m, width — 1,5 m Dimensions at your discretion (you can make smaller or, conversely, more).


On top of the frame are two wooden logs, intended for a metal barrel for the water.

Then fasten the Board 150х50 mm to the corners, welded to the frame of doing gender. They need to be pre-treated with a sealer for protection from water.

Просторный летний душ на дачу: из остатков стройматериалов

Просторный летний душ на дачу: из остатков стройматериалов

The last stage will be only to prepared sheathing boards of the side of the frame (making a wall). Install the barrel.

Read more about how to make a spacious outdoor shower at the cottage, you can see in the video below. Idea shared by YouTube channel Summer Resident.


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