How to test a capacitor with multimeter

In this article we will talk about how to check capacitor with multimeter, if you don’t have a device that checks capacitance – LC-meter.

There are two types of condenser: polar (electrolytic capacitors), and nonpolar which include all the rest. Conder polar type got its name due to the fact that they are soldered to the radio in a strict order: positive contact of the capacitor to the positive contact of the scheme.

Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

In case of violation of the polarity of this capacitor, it can fail until detonation.

Imported capacitors are located on its top a small cross or other figure, which are pressed into the housing. In these places the body thinner.

Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

This is done to ensure safety. For this reason, if there is an explosion of imported capacitor, then just be opening its upper part. On the picture, you see a swollen capacitor from a computer motherboard. A breakthrough has been accurately along the line.

Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

Check capacitor with multimeter

To check capacitor with multimeter, you need to adhere to one rule – the capacity of the condenser should not be less than 0.25 McGard.

Before you test capacitor multimeter, determine its polarity. To determine the polarity of the capacitor, it is enough to look closely at its body, it must be marked. The minus designation to be made by means of checkboxes. The black box drawn on top of the bold gold stripes and an index of negative output.

Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

Now, you should take a multimeter, and set the toggle switch to continuity mode (or resistance) and by using probes touch the contacts. Because the multimeter in continuity mode and measure resistance gives a constant voltage that the capacitor will charge and charge resistance of the capacitor will increase.

While done charging, the resistance value increases, until it becomes too large. Let’s see how it should look.

Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

Here is a touch contact with the probes.


Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

Continue to keep, and watch for increasing resistance


Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

while it will not be very large

Convenient to check capacitors with an analog multimeter since it is easy to track the rotation of the arrow about not flashing digits in digital multimeter.

Как проверить конденсатор мультиметром

If during the touch the leads of the capacitor, the multimeter beeps and shows zero, then it indicates a short circuit in the capacitor. If multimeter immediately shows unity, the capacitor was a cliff. In any of the situations described, you should throw out the capacitor, because it is not working.

Verification of non-polar capacitors is made easier. Put the toggle switch of the multimeter on the megohms and press the probes to the terminals of the capacitor. If the resistance value is not up to 2 Megohm, the capacitor can be considered faulty.

Check capacitor tester video

Well that’s all, now you know how to check a capacitor multimeter. If you want to check a capacitor with a capacity of less than 0.25 mcford, you have to use a special device.


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