The way to rid the garden of ants forever

The ants in the normal amount useful for soil and plants, because it promotes aeration and secrete formic acid. However, if they are too many, they begin to chew on the crop, and in addition infect the plant of aphids. In this case, their population has to be reduced. To make it is completely safe for humans and plants means.

Способ, который избавит огород от муравьев навсегда

What you’ll need:

  • dry bakery yeast;
  • semolina;
  • powdered sugar;
  • insecticide for ants (if you wish).

The process of preparing tools and treatment area

To prepare the lethal bait for ants, mix 4 components: yeast, semolina, powdered sugar and insecticide. All the components are added in approximately equal volume. The insecticide can not be used or make it in smaller quantities than other components.

Способ, который избавит огород от муравьев навсегда

Способ, который избавит огород от муравьев навсегда

Each of the components has its effect. Ant eaten by the yeast beginning to release carbon dioxide in his digestive system that is deadly to the insect. Semolina when getting into the stomach swells, which also kills. Powdered sugar acts as a sweet bait, increasing the interest of the ants to the mixture. The insecticide acts as an additional safeguard pest control.

The mixture breaks down at the site, preferably under the nests, in small portions of about a teaspoon. The ants not only eat themselves, but feed their Queen, that when her loss is guaranteed to lead to the extinction of the anthill.

Способ, который избавит огород от муравьев навсегда

This treatment is done several times a season to prevent the breeding of ants. The second and further entry of the mixture made without the insecticide.

Способ, который избавит огород от муравьев навсегда

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