Scientists have explained the benefits of eating a glass of water on an empty stomach on the body

Ученые объяснили пользу употребления стакана воды натощак на организм

Scientists in Germany proved the benefits of drinking one glass of water on an empty stomach for metabolism, skin and hair. It is reported portal Planet Today.

The study on the basis of one of the universities, experts observed the volunteers who had to drink daily a glass of clean bottled water on an empty stomach. Thus, the researchers intended to prove the theory that drinking water on an empty stomach has a positive effect on the human body.

The participants noticed an improvement in metabolism. In addition, the volunteers lost skin redness and rashes of all kinds. In particular, the subjects skin was smoother, improved skin tone, and hair became more alive, writes “Federal news Agency”.

The researchers found that volunteers have a 20% accelerated metabolism, which suggests that cold water on an empty stomach can be a good prevention of obesity. The conducted research allows experts to assert that drinking a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach is an easy and effective way to improve the condition of your body.

Previously, on 17 June it was reported that the doctor spoke about the importance of water to quit Smoking. According to experts, the water not only washes out of the body obtained when Smoking poisonous substances, but does not allow smokers to indulge in the harmful habit.


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