When to plant garlic for the winter

When to plant garlic for the winter, how is this done, where that was to rise before him… What planting material of garlic to use to carry out the planting for the winter? In this article, you’ll find the answers to all these questions.

What time is the planting of winter garlic

If you use traditional technology for the planting of winter garlic (depth from 3 to 5 cm) that planting is carried out for 14 — 21 days beforeit is cold. If you take the average strip of Russia and Northern Europe, then the fit need to take place around the last week of September or first week of October, if we talk about the West and the South of Europe, and also about other regions, then somewhere in November.

Когда сажать чеснок под зиму

But, if you increase the depth of planting garlic before the winter (10 to 15 cm), then for regions with cold climates, planting can be done from the last days in August to the third decade in October. If you use an in-depth planting, in winter garlic the better the rooting, therefore, he had better bear the winter.

Choose and prepare the place

The most rapid growth of garlic has been observed qualitatively in a structured friable soil with neutral to acid reaction (PH of 6 to 6.5) for example, light loam and sandy loam. Prohibits the landing of winter garlic in areas where ground water lies at a short distance or on-site, which flooded when the thaw begins.

It is better to refrain from planting garlic in areas fertilized with manure, otherwise the garlic will be abundant leaves, loose head and it will increase the risk of Contracting fungal diseases.

Garlic is best grown on a qualitatively lit area, and where the penumbral areas it is best to plant it more rare series. Bed for winter garlic bed should be slightly greater than a meter in width and will extend along the East-West direction.

Когда сажать чеснок под зиму

The soil for winter garlic needs to be dug with forks on the 200 – 300 mm in depth. Weeds should be removed with roots. It is necessary to make garden compost (15 – 20 l m2), and potassium-phosphorous fertilizer (for example, monophosphate of potassium dissolved in water). People who love organic farming do not use chemical fertilizers and replacing them with wood ashes.

Prepare the garlic for winter planting

When to plant garlic for the winter, and where – is, undoubtedly, important questions, however, no less important is the preparation of the garlic. One of the most common types of garlic — purple-striped. This variety is characterized by such words, as undemanding and hardy. Sometimes garlic which is stored in 3 seasons. When you upgrade a purple-striped garlic with aerial bulblets, it boasts record-breaking: the weight of follicles can be 150 gr.

Когда сажать чеснок под зиму

Acquisition of planting material, it is desirable to do in close proximity to where the garlic will grow. Buying winter garlic, one should choose large ones, do not have mechanical damages and external signs of disease (atypical gray or greenish spots on the bulbs).

Before you plant garlic, you need to disassemble the head to the teeth in order to select the biggest and quality. Nestrelyay varieties of garlic planted from Zubkov, located on the outer layer, the largest.

When the bulbs are pulled for teeth, you should do the garlic treatment with a solution of manganese or copper sulphate (about a day).

How is planting garlic

In the prepared soil should be identified places that will be planted winter garlic, subject to a scheme of 100 to 150 mm. to Plant garlic should be spaced locations, planting depth should be 50 – 150 mm (all depends on when garlic is planted).

Когда сажать чеснок под зиму

To speed up the process of digging pits at this fixture


Next is to make filling in pits with compost, and for areas with a cold climate, you need to mulch (a layer of 70-100 mm). To carry out mulching, you should use various natural materials such as fallen autumn leaves and spruce twigs.

After what plants you can fit garlic

Ideally, planting of garlic should be followed by crops, which are important for nitrogen (after cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplants, pumpkins, etc.). It is better not to undertake planting of garlic in those locations where ROS onion and other root crops because they, as garlic requires a large amount of such material as potassium and they pull it out of the ground. In addition, the onions in the ground can be transmitted disease peculiar to these plants.

Когда сажать чеснок под зиму

If you can’t do the proper rotation of plants in the garden, then when I harvested garlic, then enjoy planting pea seed, and in September we will need to dig the garden, and close up peas in the ground, and to make two or three buckets of compost per m2 and fertilized with mineral phosphorus-potassium fertilizers or wood ash. Polka dots will decontaminate the soil, and like any legumes, enrich the soil with nitrogen and loosen it.

That’s about it. Now you know when to plant garlic for the winter, how to do it, and what plants they are and this is all that is needed in order to collect an enviable crop.


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