“The weakness of the President”: Parliament revolted against the government

«Слабость президента»: Рада взбунтовалась против правительстваDeputies of the Verkhovna Rada refused to support the government of Ukraine. This creates opportunities for the premature resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers. Have resisted the deputies from the party of Vladimir Zelensky “servant of the people”, although the President publicly asked them to support the plan. The expert believes that the reason for the “rebellion” lies in a split within the party caused by the weakness of presidential power.

The government of Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Smagala were left without guarantees of immunity after the program of the Cabinet for the second time in a row received the required number of votes from the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.

In favor of the resolution on the support expressed 207 out of 450 MPs, for approval of the plan of the government was just 19 votes. This time the Cabinet of Smugala presented the revised program, which was to consolidate Ukraine’s course towards membership in the European Union and NATO, and in General was based on the campaign promises of President Vladimir Zelensky and the ruling party “servant of the people”.

The main thrust of the Premier promised to do in the development of the defense industry and the export potential of Ukraine. However, the deputies pointed out that the new program of macro-financial support of the IMF, “practically makes impossible the implementation of the programme of the government.” The fact that the Memorandum between Ukraine and the International monetary Fund contains limitations of monetary and fiscal nature, which prevents the implementation of the plan of the Ukrainian Cabinet

However, the most interesting was not the fact of another failed vote for the Cabinet, and the role in it of deputies from “public Servants” — has an absolute majority in Parliament. Of 248 parliamentarians in support of the government of Smugala were only 176 members of the majority. Others actually ignored the vote.

In the eve of the meeting Zelensky held a videoconference with his faction, which called on MPs to support the plan of the Cabinet, says “Strenia” citing a source in the party. The President pointed out that each Minister has already written a resignation, so they hold on to their seats.

However, the vote showed that the efforts Zelensky didn’t work. Part of his own party refused to believe the head of state, thereby disrupting the vote and leaving the Cabinet in limbo — at any moment he may be dismissed.

The rebellion in “the Servant of the people”

Such actions of the ruling party have contributed to several reasons, stated in conversation with “Газетой.Ru” Director of the Kiev Center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

“One is that part of the ruling party did not see any positive prospects in how we set up a new government along with Prime Minister. On the contrary, they all have criticisms of all kinds. My role is also played by the signing of the Memorandum with the International monetary Fund, which drew criticism even within the faction of the “servant of the people,” — said the expert.

The second reason is more interesting, as it is associated with two groups within the “public Servants”. According to Pogrebinsky, first of all we are talking about the deputies of the loyal oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, which annoyed Zelensky campaign against the businessman. Especially the may bill, forbidding him to return Privat, from the point of view Kolomoisky, Kiev illegally nationalized in 2016.

Representatives of this group by refusing to vote for the Cabinet of Smugala, Zelensky was given to understand that they will not support him in the continuation of the line against Kolomoisky, said the expert.

The second group is conventionally called “Sarasate” — hard Pro-Western group associated mainly with billionaire George Soros and the American Democratic party.

“They were initially aimed against changes of government. The Cabinet of Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk was more “sarasati”, but he was fired and some people in the government are gone, including those associated with Soros and Democrats. Both groups harbored resentment and together not allowed to vote for the government of Smagala, who stood up and asked Zelensky,” said Pogrebinsky.

The conclusions of the expert is confirmed by statements of the sources “Stranie” in the ruling faction, although they call another center of resistance — an informal group of deputies loyal to the former head of the Office of the President Andrei Bogdan and Kiev developer André Vavrys.

According to the newspaper, they ignored the vote, in order to avenge “the interview Zelensky”.

Probably talking about the President’s conversation with the journalist of “the Ukrainian truth”, during which he told me that Bogdan was fired from the President’s Office because he “messed up government”. In response, the former employee of administration has accused Zelensky in the transformation of Ukraine into “a mockery”. In addition, for the last time authorities interested in the activities Vavrusa: in the office of businessman raided the staff of the state Bureau of investigation, so most likely “revenge” MPs for him also.

Thus is a worrisome trend, which indicates the lack of sufficient influence of the President on their own faction, because she couldn’t stand the verdict, having an absolute majority in Parliament.

Weakness Zelensky

Himself Smigel sure that the vote failed because of the reluctance of the deputies to grant him immunity. “The questions were political to the immunity of the government for the period of the crisis,… We emphasized that, ladies and gentlemen, if you are worried about the immune system, we are not looking for him,” explained the Prime Minister.

Any questions to the program of the government, in his opinion, the MPs in General, no.

Besides, the Ukrainian Cabinet to abandon its plan is not going and will carry out further work in accordance with it.

“We will work on this program because this program is a joint product of the government and the Verkhovna Rada… the program will be finalized by the government action plan, it will document events, dates and performers”, — concluded Smigel.

Mikhail Pogrebinsky does not see the government program the main reason for the current situation. According to him, one of the key factors is the weakness of Vladimir Zelensky as the President of inciting disloyalty in the “Servant of the people”.

“If the Prosecutor acted decisively, many of these groups would have thought. There are a lot of people associated with the business, they would think why do they these troubles. Then they would vote as the President wants. But because it shows weakness, and the Prosecutor’s office evokes only ironic smirk, they have nothing to fear.

Zelensky weakness can be seen in the actions of the attorney General Irina Venediktova. If she had felt in his back the strong position of the President, it would work differently”, — the expert believes.

As an example of weakness on the part Zelensky Pogrebinsky cites a recent incident with the presentation of a suspicion the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The policy announced a suspect in the case of abuse of authority, expressed in the pressure on the head of military intelligence in the appointment of Sergei Semochko as first Deputy Chairman of the SVR.

Suspicion Poroshenko tried to present the representatives of the public Prosecutor during questioning of the former President in the building of the state Bureau of investigation. However, the former Ukrainian leader has deemed this action illegal and went to the office Venediktova, along with several deputies to get the agenda out of her hands.

“Zelensky is not really said a word after Poroshenko rushed with people into the office of the attorney General, and no consequences for them. This is a demonstration of the weakness of the presidential team. If you work in a team weak President, you have to think about their fate, because they know that nobody will stand up,” — said the expert.

Zelensky cannot keep such a large faction as “a servant of the people”, which brought together a variety of people sums up Pogrebinsky. According to him, this is possible only when there are tools to “legally repressive nature,” with which to demonstrate their willingness to move your goals despite resistance.


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