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Miners accumulate aether over the past two weeks

The largest Aldon ether (ETH) entered into the consolidation phase after the miners moved to an accumulation of coins. This is stated in the survey of analysts platform Santiment.

They drew attention to the fact that in the last two weeks, the miners of the air increases its reserves in the currency. Mining pools added to his reserves of 15,000 ETH.

Today altcon trading slightly above $230. Capitalization of the ether is more than $25,682 billion Coin firmly holds the second place of the ranking of the largest digital currencies. In addition, the Ethereum network continues to lead in the number of developers of decentralized services.

Experts Santiment emphasize that if you analyze historical data, we can see that the consolidation phase ETH was observed during the transition of miners to accumulate. After that started to dominate the trend in the strengthening Aldona.

Director of market development platform Santiment Brian Quinlivan said:

In General, [we can see] that the growth of the network leads to an increase in prices of coins of any of the project over time in most cases. On the other hand, the slowdown in the network usually indicates a future drop in prices due to the lack of new addresses contained in cryptocurrency.

Quinlivan references data on the intensification of wallets in the Ethereum network with different amount of ETH. Moreover, a growing number of such addresses, which make per day for at least one transaction. It may be a sign of imminent appreciation of the asset.


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