Deduce the mole cricket from the plot one hundred percent free way

In well-fertilized garden beds and vegetable gardens often start Medvedka. She eats potatoes, carrots, beets and other root crops. From it also suffer the young trees, the roots of which she gnaws. In this regard, at the first sign of mole crickets from her urgent need to get rid of. This can be used in specialized formulations, but they contaminate the soil chemistry. It is much better to do folk absolutely safe ways. One of such methods is eggshell.

What you’ll need:

  • egg shells;
  • the pestle;
  • bucket;
  • spade.

The fight against the mole cricket

At the first sign of mole crickets need to start collecting egg shells. She is dumped in a separate container until there are enough to handle a given plot of land inhabited by the mole cricket.

Выводим медведку с участка стопроцентным бесплатным способом

After this it is necessary to grind the shell into dust, but not flour. It must be small pieces that a pest will be able to swallow. Best frays the old shell. Fresh breaks is more difficult because of the elasticity of the inner layer. Convenient to pound the shells in a mortar or kartoffelsalat. You can simply suppress it in a bucket with a shovel, but the fraction of the particles are less suitable.

Выводим медведку с участка стопроцентным бесплатным способом

Then the affected area perekidyvaetsya in line. On turning the soil poured a little of the shell. It needs to be grown over the entire surface. Then perekidyvaetsya the second row. Thus, the previously scattered shell is in the ground. If the processing is done in the summer, when the crop could be harvested, and to dig over the whole plot it is impossible, it is enough to bookmark the shell with the free sites. It can be buried between the rows of plants or where they have been removed. It is recommended to make the shell closer to the crops interesting for the mole crickets. It is carrots, potatoes, etc.

Выводим медведку с участка стопроцентным бесплатным способом

Выводим медведку с участка стопроцентным бесплатным способом

The mole cricket has a weakness for an egg-shell, in response to her no less active than cats on Catnip. Drilling tunnels through areas with these lines from the shell, it must find and eat. Sharp edges of the shell damage the digestive tract of mole crickets from which the pest dies.

The method works 100%. Of course, to get rid of the pest in this way, you will have to work with a shovel, but do not need to use insecticide. To Medvedkov did not appear again, it is advisable to do this treatment every year. To optimally scatter the shells on spring plowed land before it was cultivated.

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