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Analysts predict the strengthening of the air because of the expansion of the market DeFi

At the end of this week, the market capitalization of decentralized services DeFi reached $1.4 billion it drew the attention of former journalism Bloomberg Camila RUz, who now works for the team Ethereum.

She stressed that last week the total value of the tokens is locked in the apps ecosystem has grown by about 40%. This is a very good signal for the underlying asset of the Ethereum network, which deployed the market DeFi.

Now Aldon ether (ETH) is trading just above $230. Capitalization of crypto-currencies over the past day increased to $25,782 billion.

John Todaro representing BlockTower Capital, also believes that the market growth DeFi will lead to the strengthening of the position of the ether. As further increase of capitalization of the tokens is locked in apps, we will see how the ETH would get more funds from investors.

Note, however, that in the expert community there are those who believe that the development of DeFi is unlikely to lead to increased investment in the largest altcon.

One of the traders said recently on Twitter that the investors in the market for DeFi does not necessarily invest in ETH. They can send the funds directly to development of any project within the framework of the ecosystem, that is, to support a specific application and not the underlying asset of the network.


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