Brilliant: as a bald girl stopped being shy and became a star

Many men with age, the hair loses its density. Sometimes bald patches appear even in teenagers. Ponervničav a while, the guys usually just stop paying attention to it. But for girls, the diagnosis of “alopecia” sounds much more scary. Swede Therese Hansson of the malmö lost almost all hair in 14 years. And, of course, was in a terrible depression.

Come to terms with such an extravagant appearance, especially at that age, it was impossible. Teresa has acquired a high-quality wig and was very afraid that someone from my high school finds out that it’s not real hair.

“At first no one was aware except the relatives, — says the girl. — Then I opened the closest of friends, taking with them the promise that no one will know about the wig. Well I was able to hide his bald head from everyone, but once in the company of someone raised the topic of hair, I’d get nervous”.

Over time, thanks to the support of her family, Teresa decided to remove the wig. “The first walk on the street with a bald head was very emotional. I felt relief and pride in their courage. Besides, I wasn’t alone. I met on Facebook with a girl with the same problem, and together we walked through the city without wigs”.

The decision to abandon the wig turned to Theresa with an unexpected benefit. As it turned out, the lack of hair not only prevents to make a modeling career, but on the contrary. Photos of Teresa with a catchy make-up and uncovered head became a Swedish hit instagram, and now she is often called to the shooting magazines.

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