How to make a simple (collapsible) boat for fishing

Как сделать простую (разборную) лодку для рыбалки

A good boat is worth good money. And to spend money on cheap consumer goods not everyone wants. So if you want to save, then the only solution is to make a boat with their hands.

And in this review, we discuss folding design of the boat — this will allow you to easily transport it in the trunk of a car. That’s how the boat looks disassembled.

Как сделать простую (разборную) лодку для рыбалки

The bottom homemade boats made of loose conveyor belt. Thus, the bottom is very durable — if necessary, the boat can be safely dragged over the ground and the grass.

We also advise you to read both his hands to make a simple boat out of plastic barrels. All the details and a video review can be found here.

Design features and dimensions

Collapsible boats width is 78 cm (inside — 74 cm) and a length of 220 cm along the edges is equipped with two bulkheads. There is also a shop, which is bursting with the Board.

Как сделать простую (разборную) лодку для рыбалки

Themselves Board is made from boards with a thickness of 20 mm. It must be impregnated with hot linseed oil for protection from water. But, in principle, possible to use other treatments with similar properties.

The conveyer belt is fastened to the sides with nails. Only score they need as often as possible. And use sealant in this case too.

Как сделать простую (разборную) лодку для рыбалки

The dissolved thickness of the conveyor belt is about 2-3 mm. at the Top and bottom plies, and between them a layer of rubber.

Details on how to make a simple collapsible boat for fishing, you can watch the video below. The review was prepared on the basis of videos from YouTube channel “How? Semenych show“.


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