30 jobs, which you can only dream of

People who prefer to work remotely, sometimes you get so tired of the familiar home environment that they create for themselves is just incredible jobs they had dreamed of would any office employee.

Below you will see 30 photos of these “paradises”. So look jobs professional gamers, streamers, poker players, sound guys and designers. Sure that working in such conditions is a real treat.

Workplace designer. And the window in the outdoors gives a great motivation.

The dream of every gamer!

Truly cosmic atmosphere.

Stylish and concisely. And what else is needed for good performance?

An avid fan of computer games easy to learn in his workplace.

Important in workplace comfort. And here it is clearly present.

The owner of this room knows a lot about computers.

With this monitor even Tetris will seem fascinating game.

Simple and tasteful.

For many, the game is fun, but not for professional gamers.

Compact, but comfortable working space.

The owner of this room, it seems, loves the guitar.

And what else is needed for happiness?

About this place, for sure, dream adults and children!

If you sit all day at a computer, then the only way.

Gorgeous view!

Do such jobs in offices, and employees will never again skip shift!

For fans of fantasy.

We can definitely see that in this room lived a true gamer.

One monitor better than the other!

Just for the sake of the view from the window is to start working!

Nothing more. Just what a Pro gamer.

For lovers of light tones.

Room of a true fan of “Star wars”.

Many people think that being a streamer is very simple. Wrong.

One monitor for games and another for documents — correspondence. And you’ll never miss any important moment.

A very practical solution.

I can only imagine what amount I had to pay for this job.

Everything you need at hand.

And once on these screens, could only dream of… I Wonder what will happen next.

So much fancy equipment, expensive screens, excellent acoustics, but no cactus. Do any of you remember convex blinking monitors the 90s?

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